Tuesday, March 17, 2020

26 Reasons Grandkids are the Best - Word Count

I have struggled this month with deciding exactly what I wanted to write about. With all that's going on in the world, I could have chosen the COVID-19, but I did that already. Maybe the weather, work, Spring time, but how about something I am passionate about? YES I know, my grandkids.

Being a grandma is great. You have all the benefits of being a mom but without the responsibility. A mom 2.0 if you will. That's it!

Being a grandma I can get away with giving them the noisy gifts because I get to go home where it is quiet. I love that.

Being a grandma means buying fun things like lollipops, loud toys, frilly dresses and Tonka toys.  And when mom says no, grandma says yes. Not always.

I do not undermine the parents authority like my mom did. If it is not allowed, no matter the reason, it's a no. Even the cute dress.

Being a grandma and looking young is fun! I get many strange looks when I brag about my grandkids and now my great grandson. It's true.

Together we have 6 kids or adults. He has a daughter, I have two adopted kids and a son, then we have two sons. Ten grands.

Grandma status perfect... if they all lived near and we could have family Sunday dinners or holidays together but alas it is not this way.

One of my DIL's insist that their dogs and cats are my grands as well. When I walk in she announces GRANDMA'S HERE! LOOK OUT STAMPEDE 

I do love my grandfurbabies as well. Let's see, how many are there? 18. YES Eighteen fur babies. No I'm not buying them all Christmas gifts. 

What are their ages you ask? Let's see. 23, 18, 17, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and the great grand is 6 weeks. How about that.

Six girls and two boys, three if you count the great gran. The boys are 18 and 6 so no play dates there. Most haven't met.

What? Haven't met? Yes, that is a sad truth with his, hers and ours mix. You end up with cousins you've never met. But one day...

As a grandma I can visit, play, run, laugh and enjoy myself to the fullest, then go home , rest and I'd help out if they needed. 

Grandma life is pretty sweet. Hugs, kisses and puppies at my feet. There is no greater joy than hearing "I love you grandma" from their calls. 

Recently when asked what she wanted for her birthday, the soon to be 4 year old said, "FaceTime with you Grandma". Oh be still my heart. 

I'd love to post a ton of pictures but everyone is very leery of social media posting and predators. Which I fully respect so no pictures.

However, the grandma exception to the rule is, the doggos! You may have seen a post I did about the visit with the grandpups and kitties. 

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  1. Great choice of topics, I really needed all of those smiles today.

    1. That's why I went this direction. We need a break from the news and panic.

  2. What a wonderful celebration of good things, thank you!

  3. Grandkids (9, 7, 6, and 2) make me busy but are the best healer and entertainer to me. Cheers to our grandmotherhood!