Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Great Escape - Feb 2020 Poetry

Hey howdy hey it's time for our monthly poetry post. Our meaning, myself and a handful of others brave enough to give it a go. Month after month. Some with great success then there are those, like myself, who do it to grow.
This month the chosen theme, is escape. I have no idea but I'm going with it.

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The Great Escape

Five o'clock
it's finally here
time to get
my butt outta here

punch the clock
head for the door
toss the smock
on the line floor

dirty and greasy
hot and sweaty
feeling kinda queasy
leaving work and I'm so ready

keys in hand
headed to the car
gonna see my friend
out at the bar

life of a single
out and about
ready to mingle
let's give a shout

there's my boy
lazing on the couch
I brought a new toy
and it's a cat nip pouch

he doesn't care
rolls his eyes
but he's my love bear
and my only guy

furry and loving
purring away
forget the bar
let's hit the hay

cuddling up all warm and cozy
I've got nothing to rhyme
so we sleep 'ill morning.

Okay, I know I know, but ya gotta admit or not, I gave it the old college try. Let me give it another go with a haiku.

escape or running away
leaving cares behind
not looking back anymore

Try number 3
E vade
S hake off
C ircumvent
A void
P arry
E lude

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