Friday, February 28, 2020

Stuffed French Toast - Breakfast Food Photo Challenge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? However, these days there are so many different plans, rules and ideas about eating. Some folks are into the IF or Intermittent Fasting, or not eating until after their hard core workout. Me? I eat breakfast. I enjoy breakfast and need it. If I go to long without food my blood sugar will bottom out, I'm all shaky, sweaty, clammy and will blackout. No joke, it's a serious thing. Now I don't eat the moment I get up, sometimes it is several hours later but rarely do I wait until lunch time for the 16 hour IF idea. I tried it but whooo man. My husband said PLEASE eat something!! It was like when I tried the "no carb" thing years ago, he looked at me one day and said "PLEASE for the love of bread, eat a sandwich woman!".

Breakfast, we enjoy it for dinner and on weekends it's a big to do. Eggs, bacon, French toast or pancakes, fruit, coffee, the whole shebang. Go big or go home, right?

So, let’s put it out there again for the “rules:” 
  • Get the theme
  • One photo that works with that theme
  • A small write-up about the photo
  • Come back and link up here (on the 28th of each month)
  • Get the new theme and do it again (theme available in linkup post)
For full details READ THIS POST

PJ said ONE picture and to write-up a SMALL post. Dang dude, ya killin' me here. LOL SO...the recipe can be found HERE if you're interested.
I tried to take a delicious looking yet interesting shot of the toast.


  1. Oh small post is just talk... the idea is one photo. If you want to put more information in a post, feel free!

    But this looks incredibly awesome. And something I know I'd love to dig into as well. I had a hard time doing just one photo this month as well. We'll see how the challenge progresses... I mean, it could eventually evolve!