Friday, December 6, 2019

Who's Scared? Not Me - December SSS

Do you have a phobia? Something that just the thought of freaks you out? I don't. I used to but after a lot of thought, years actually, and consideration of what I believe, I was able to let go of the phobias. Now there are still things I would extremely dislike, but not really a "fear" as they are unrealistic for me.
Drowning. That used to be a huge fear, but then I asked myself why? I don't swim, I don't go in the water and I shower. So how would I drown? Unrealistic fear. It stems from my childhood, around the age of 8 my mother signed me up for swimming lessons. Actually she signed up both up. I learned how to float, face down and on my back. I can dog paddle and then one day the  swim instructor walked us to the end of the pier and made us jump off. She promised we'd be fine. Hit the bottom and push up with your feet, someone will grab you. HA! Well, when it was my turn the life guard, we'll call him Joe Cool, came swimming up. She was busy flirting with him and when I jumped, I didn't hit the bottom, I could not reach it and panicked. I guess I wasn't heavy enough, a problem I no longer have, or it was just deeper than she thought. I panicked and took in a lot of water, kicking and thrashing around they finally realized and pulled me out. Lots of coughing and water spitting later I was on land. NEVER to return to the lessons.

My daddy was a big gun owner, we had one in every corner of our home. No, I'm not exaggerating. Seriously, every corner, except the bathroom. He carried one, had one in the glove box, the tool box, the shop, everywhere. So I had a fear of being shot.

These days my 'fear' or concern is a car crash because in HOTlanta, the city of trees, we have over 9 million people in the Atlanta and Atlanta Metro area. So if you figure that at least have of them drive. That's a lot of freaking cars. Crashes every day cause the interstates to come to a screeching halt. Being trapped in a burning car is the nightmare.

That's it. I'm not a germaphob, I'm not afraid to leave the house or anything else that I can think of.

Do you have a phobia? A fear? Tell me about it.

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  1. I commend you for conquering your fears. It takes a lot of courage, strength and determination. I am sometimes able to but I have to admit that there are times I don't have the strength, I just give in to them. Hope to be more like you in the future.

  2. I have a phobia of drowning under ice probably because I fell through the ice when I was 8. I"m also very claustrophobic. (Rena)

  3. I’m afraid of having my Achilles cut. My bed is on the floor as a result. So I get it!

  4. I can relate to the fears you describe. I have a mild case of fear of heights. I even dislike outdoor stairs that are made from grid material, you know, see-through. Ugggh. Don't look down, don't look down...
    So jumping down from diving boards is not my thing even though I can swim decently well.

  5. For a long time, i was terrified of driving over a bridge that crossed a big river. Finally i decided i was going to get over it, so i drove over the old Huey Long Bridge in NOLA, the one that was built for Model T size cars and has a train track down the middle. While on it, in a huge 1970's style Lincoln Continental, i passed a truck. Yes, there was a train on it at the same time. After surviving that, i figured i didn't need to be afraid any more.

    You did a great job conquering your fear with logic, and what i hate about stopped traffic is the never endingness of it.

  6. I lived in Atlanta during the Olympic years, moved shortly thereafter...thank goodness! I couldn't deal with all the traffic on a daily basis.

    My one fear, no, two. Going blind and being burned alive.

  7. I hate Atlanta traffic so much! Definitely have a fear of water. It's not drowning so much as any large body of water and being dragged to the depths by something that belongs on River Monsters. Even pics of the ocean itself or large rivers/lakes get my heart racing. Fire is a big one too, but when I was young, we had family friends whose house burned down (thankfully they were out of town at the time and not in the house) and lost everything.