Monday, December 9, 2019

Sugar Free Orange Cheesecake - Gifts From The Heart BWF

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Gifts From the Heart, Sharing is caring

I really struggled with this theme and what to do. A recipe? A craft? A list of great gift ideas? Ultimately this is what I came up with.

Gifts from the heart, are just that. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it came from your heart. It could be a craft, a dessert, cookies, a card, scarf, as long as you sent it because you love that person and were thinking of them. It is from the heart.

I'd like to think all mine are from the heart but sometimes circumstances dictate and they are obligations. I don't like feeling obligated. I don't like not knowing a person and feeling trapped into a gift giving situation. For instances at work, everyone is buying gifts. What if I just started? What if it is truly not in my budget to have a "limit of $30" for a gift? These situations bring on guilt, stress and anxiety. There are enough pressures during the holiday without adding to it.

Gift giving, no matter the type, is something that I dearly enjoy. The thrill of the hunt, the anticipation, seeing them open it and the joy that it brings. My heart fills up and creates a feeling that I was given the gift because in a sense I was.

Recently I've been gifting myself, sounds selfish? No, it's not. Let me explain. I have been gifting myself the gift of kindness. Being kind to myself in the respect of no more negative self talk, no longer putting myself down or beating myself up over things from the past. The gift of giving health to myself, eating better, exercising, taking restful moments, enjoying life and my journey. This is the greatest gift I've ever given myself and it has taken a lot of growth and self discovery to get here. I am thankful to WW for this journey, my accountability ladies, I couldn't do it without ya! The encouragement and cheers from people I've never met. It's amazing. A gift from the heart...cheering on others, straightening their crowns instead of putting them down and criticizing. My WW community is inspiring, amazing, encouraging, just absolutely freaking the bomb diggity!! 

And what else have I given myself? The gift of creativity. I started crafting again and oh my gosh I enjoy it so much!! Did you see the snow globes that Minette and I made? How about my front door scarecrow? That's another gift. Gratitude!!

Of course I'm gifting my family this holiday season. Christmas will not be as big this year in terms of packages, but it will be filled with love, joy and lots of laughs!

I have been busy shopping for the grandkids and adult kids but that is way more difficult. Baking cookies, that I'll be sharing soon, decorating for the holidays (which is something I've always enjoyed) and yes crafting. That will also be shared soon.

However, for today, here is one of the latest four pies that has been created in our kitchen. No you didn't read that wrong, I said four. Oh my! It has been a busy time. Creating desserts that my family and friends will enjoy but also that won't break my WW point bank for the day.

This recipe is not mine, so I will give you her link but will tell you the adjustments that I made.
Why am I sharing someone else's recipe? Sharing is caring, a gift from my heart because she is a huge encourager and great ww lady that's why. Thank you Linds.

The Pound Dropper plain Jane cheesecake. Here's the link and below is what I did.

I used NuNaturals Tagaose instead of Monkfruit because it's what I have on hand.
This is not zero points because I used a 9 inch graham cracker crust, so no crust makes it zero points.
I used orange extract in mine, because (not sure how it happened) but I was out of vanilla.
In our oven it took 40 minutes to bake.
Served with sugar free whipped topping.
The beauty of it, no one knew it was sugar free or ww friendly until AFTER they ate it.

My son's girlfriend's daughter told me "this cheesecake is DEEElicious!" she cleaned her plate. Her little brother was eye balling her cheesecake because he ate his so fast, she said "oh no you don't you had yours". LOL

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  1. That Cheesecake looks absolutely delicious. And I just have to mention that I love the gifts to yourself (which are also gifts to others because when we're happy it affects all around us).

  2. Um, I love cheesecake and that one looks divine!

  3. Cheesecake is always a wonderful gift. And I love that you're making it a priority to look after yourself. Just look at you how you've been "blossoming"? (Is that a thing? That's what you would say in German.)