Friday, December 20, 2019

Strange and Funny Things - Last FOTW of 2019

Oh Thanksgiving Day our youngest son made my day. He video called me. Hayley, his daughter who is 3, said she wanted to see Grandma and call her. (After having a long bad night, my father in law passing, I really needed this pick me up.)

I said hi, she said hi and then she said, "What's your favorite color?" I said purple and she got all excited. She looked at her Daddy and said "PURPLE just like my grandma!!" He said, "Hayley, this is grandma". She was like, oh. LOL
As we were chatting, our middle son's gf son...oh man. Came in the room and was chatting away. I said "Lucas honey I'm on the phone"
Hayley says "IS THAT A KID?" I think she was shocked and insulted that there was a kid in my house.
I laughed and said yes.
She said "LEMME see the kid"
I turned the phone so she could see him and he ducked his head in his shirt. She says "I can't see HIM!" he then runs out of the room.
A year ago, two, three even ten years ago I would not have had the confidence to do this. What you ask? The above photo. Jump on a Harley. No fear, no worries, yes, there have been a ton of changes in my life the last two years.
As you see in the above photo, we had a little visitor, (possible grand to be) she was watching the kitties eating treats and kept reaching out. I said "honey don't mess with them when they are eating, after they are done you can pet them." she replies...ready for this?
"It's just so satisfying to watch cats eat."
In my head I thought, dang you're a weird little kid. She's 8! EIGHT and she's thinking it's satisfying to watch cats eat???? SMH
Above photo: I can post this because I have fat, so please don't send me hate mail or comments. But you have to admit, it's funny as crap!

Welcome to the last Fly on the Wall group post of 2019. Today you can catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. Grab a cup of coffee, and see what's happening.
You've probably seen this shirt on Facebook or other social media but I think I need one. Karen does too! LOL Right?
Now  come on...who comes up with this stuff? IF you were in the store and saw this on the shelf, would you buy it? Would you even pick it up to inspect the ingredients? I would LOL
Saw the above on FB and had to share. No idea where it came from but this is hysterical. Madonna Meets Frosty Twins ROTFL
I'm chatting with Karen of Baking In a Tornado through messenger and I'm scrolling FB, THESE two photos pop up in an ad for Wish...I'm like WHO in their RIGHT mind buys this stuff??? AND WHO comes up with the ideas??? I sent the screenshot to her and she says "I'm starting to worry about you." I said "It was in my newsfeed. LOL Now she's really worried "what are you searching for?" I said none of these items I can assure you. Creepy
You're welcome

Okay, now to end on a not creepy but fun note. I participate in a "sock box" each year with some long time friends. So far I've received two of my boxes. I LOVE them. You find a crazy or cozy pair of socks and stuff cute fun items in them. Well, over time we have progressed to boxes. A box full of items and a pair of socks. Here are a few of my items. I ADORE the owl time and the kitty mug!!
We went to Mississippi last weekend for an early Christmas celebration. WOW nothing like a 3 year old to give you Fly material!! Ready?? Here ya go...
I had been throwing the ball for Daisy, the grandpup, yes in the house. Shhh
We had been doing this for well over 30 minutes. So I said "Okay Daisy that's enough for now."Hayley takes the ball from the dog. Walks away and puts it in a shelf. "No no. You’re done playing" I was laughing so hard. She looks at me and goes "what?"

H:How about one of us go for a car ride?
Me:Okay which one
H:How about me

Hayley put your pants on
Say please daddy

I’m going to tell you the legend of pink foot (this while sitting around the fire late our last night) and she proceeded to give us the legend. OMGosh too cute.

Big hugs upon arrival on day two. My husband picked her up and she gave him a big hug, then says...
"I like this one daddy and gramma too". Day made!

AND last but not least.
A gift to myself, a really cool tea pot I found at a thrift store, still new. Love it.
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  1. I NEED that shirt!
    Love how much fun (and how many laughs) the little ones bring to your life. Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. It was fun to catch up a bit on your blog. Kids really do say the funniest things! Great picture of you on the Harley! And wow, just wow on that holiday snowman sweater and the teeth for sale! I thought of Madonna too. Merry Christmas!