Friday, November 15, 2019

Split Pea and Ham soup - UYW November post

We had a few days that were cooler than usual and I was having serious dental issues. I still needed to eat and was tired of yogurt.
Putting on my thinking cap, I of course thought about soup, it's easy plus not a lot of chewing involved.
Since last year with my kidney's I'm limited on certain types of soup, like no tomato, potato, spinach, beans, etc...
I decided to make split pea and ham soup. It is hearty, easy with very little chewing required.
1 bag of dried split peas
1 package of finely diced cooked ham
1 large carrots diced
1/2 onion diced finely
1 large container of sodium free beef broth
2 cups of water
1 tsp of minced garlic
2 tsp GrillMates low sodium grill seasoning (which is basically mixed pepper corns, salt, garlic, onion, and paprika)
Everything went into the slow cooker and stirred every few hours. Six hours later we had a delicious filling hearty meal.

The length of time we have on earth is unknown to us. Today could be the last, we could have a little time or years. As I grow older I realize these things and no I won't become a legend but I do want to leave my mark. Make a difference, even if it is only to my friends and family. My link between now and the future is as unknown as my amount of time left on earth. BUT one thing I can tell you I've learned. ENJOY what time you have! Stop worrying about "what if's" and don't fret over the "could have, should have" things of the past. They are gone, you can't fix them or change them. You can move forward. You can choose to have a bright day, you can live now and enjoy it.
My bout in the hospital last year taught me  several things.
1. ENJOY life for no one is promised tomorrow
2. STOP worrying about the past or future
3. TAKE care of yourself
I discovered a great many things about myself in the last year, but in a nut shell, those are the 3 things that I try to remember and live by daily.
Also, FORGIVE. Being upset, mad or bitter with someone is only allowing them to live rent free in your head. It is hurting you, not them. So stop it! Let it go! Move on! Build a bridge!
These things may all sound cliche but it's true.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your teeth AND your kidneys limiting your food choices. You wouldn't be you though if you didn't come up with creative recipes.

    Those are good values to live by. Once you let go of annoying things and people you feel better immediately.

    1. It can be challenging at times but I love a good challenge.

  2. Love your life lessons. I need to look at that list every day. Hope you're on the road to feeling better. I love split pea soup, that will be a keeper for these cooler months. Keep being you, Dawn; you're wonderful.

    1. Thank you! My tooth is finally better and the kidneys, well, it is what it is.

  3. I agree with all of your lessons. One lesson I've learned is to know who your friends are and aren't and keep the connections to those who are strong.

    1. I agree. We have to know who we can trust and that circle is small.

  4. There's nothing cliche about great advice. And this is GREAT advice!
    Very well done, Dawn!
    And split pea soup is a personal favourite! Going to try your recipe. How big is the bag of peas? (I buy them in fifty-pound increments...)

    1. Made your recipe yesterday. Yummmmm...! (and one of two finicky grandkids at the table actually ate all of it. A new record for a new dish!) ;)

    2. I think it's a lb bag. YAY so glad you enjoyed it and it makes it so much better when the kids will eat it!

  5. I know this too well. Things can change so quickly and with no warning at all. Great use of your words. (Rena)