Sunday, November 17, 2019

Random Photographs

I've been practicing with my camera and taking shots of unusual things, because that's me. Random.

I thought I'd post a few today.

All photos are copy-written, please do not copy, share or save without written permission.
This is a glass of juice
A close up of my hibiscus before the squirrels eat them all.
A little pumpkin decoration
My big beautiful boy, Beau.
In-sense smoke drifting from the upstairs landing, drifting in front of the large window downstairs. I thought it was a very cool shot.


  1. It's great you are practicing with your camera. I really love Beau's eyes and the smoke is very nicely captured. Spending time with my camera always puts me in a better "frame" of mind!

  2. Nice photos, especially the smoky shot! Your cat has lovely green eyes.