Monday, November 11, 2019

Gratitude - Nov BWF

Gratitude. What is the meaning of gratitude? Is it the same as thanksgiving, thankful, appreciative? Let's see what Webster's has to say about it.
Webster's : the state of being grateful, thankfulness
                  a feeling of appreciation or thanks
     Thankfulness: conscious of benefit received 
                            expressive of thanks
                            well pleased
It is November and a lot of folks on social media turn this into a once a year all month long "thankful" post sensation. Most of the time you'll see jokes, memes, videos, gripping about work, kids, boss, spouse but when November hits, all of a sudden, everyone is "grateful".
I'd love to see it ALL year. I try, and know that I don't always succeed but I do try.

My life was less than pleasing, and I was not appreciative, thankful or grateful for several months a few years back. Then one day I said self "Enough is enough" if you want to be happy and have a better life then get off your back side and do something about it. So I did. I created my own happy. I set about each day being thankful, grateful, appreciative and it truly changed my life.

I have so much to be grateful for. My God who saved me and loves me even when I'm not lovable. My life in general, my husband, my kids (adult kids) and my grands. The precious fur-babies that fill my life with tons of joy each and every day. The blessing of being able to stay home and not work 60+ hours a week for little pay. A wonderful group of friends, even if they do live hundreds of miles away. Technology that allows me to keep in constant contact with said friends. My gratitude list is long and growing each day.

Thank you Karen for creating this community of bloggers where we are able to join together each month with a theme and each show from our perspective the take we have on that theme. She has gathered together a band of bloggers, all different, created a community and become a trusted friend.
So for this BWF aka Blog with Friends post on gratitude, I'm grateful for you Karen.

I'm also especially grateful to Karen for this group because through our writing challenges is how I met Minette. The owner/author of Southern Belle Charm. Minette has become more than a friend, she is now family. Framily. My fram. My big sister from another mister. If you haven't been to her blog or her Facebook page you should. Clean, happy, no political junk, no snarky mess tolerated. Just good ol' Southern charm at it's finest.
Minette and I have met in person before and we keep in touch through text, FB, messenger and phone calls. About 14 months ago she took #MiracleMike home, back to Florida. For her birthday this year I made the trip down. I was grateful that I made it safely but man what a trip! The last two hours were horrible but I made it safely.
It was a wonderful weekend and we celebrated fully! Even Mike felt better, that was a HUGE reason to be grateful, and we did a lot, especially for him. He even cooked his famous "Mike's beans" to the surprise of their friends and grilled for us all twice. It was incredible.
During one afternoon I told her I wanted us to make a craft together and that I would share it on our monthly BWF post if she was okay with it. She gladly agreed.
Off to the store for supplies and ideas. We had lots of ideas but couldn't find all the supplies for any of them. So we decided to make snow globes using little mason jars. If you know her, you know she is a BIG fan of mason jars.
So we set about creating our little snow globes.

Let me say this...neither of us had made snow globes before. But I mean come on how hard could it be? I popped onto the internet and found a little video. Oh yes! We could do this, we just needed some baby oil, fake snow, a container to use as the globe and items to glue inside. Easy peasy.
Well, it was easy and things were moving right along.
We did run into some issues trying to get my tree glued to my truck and then into the jar. I "should" have placed the truck "IN" the jar first, glued it and then added the tree. But no, oh no, not me. I glued the tree to the truck and then struggled to even get it inside the jar. LOL
It was funny, we had a blast but we also had a complete fail!!

What we did not know was, the glue would NOT hold once the baby oil was poured into the jar. The YouTube video didn't tell us that!
So everything that we struggled to place 'just so' became a scene from the Wizard of Oz, swirling around in a tornado of fake snow and oil. LOL
We laughed so hard. Mike thought we had lost our minds.
But they say that laughter is good medicine and we about had the good medicine running down our legs we laughed so hard.
Next you'll see a few pictures of the trip, our fail and gratitude!!

Also during this trip, M and M, found their long lost adopted son. He and his new family joined us on Sunday for the big birthday bash. OMGosh what a joy! So much to be grateful for. Our cups were running over.

After my photos you'll also find the photos of the project for the other bloggers who have participated in this months event. Links are also provided. Be sure to stop by.
And as always I am grateful for you, the readers, who keep coming back time and time again. I hope you are as blessed though all of this as I have been.
Out on Pine Island, Bokeelia, Florida. 
Oh how very grateful I was to be at the water!! I have missed it so very much. It is a balm to my soul, it soothes me, calms my spirit and refreshes me so very much. I know I said that twice but it needed to be said. Gratitude.
Mike cooking up the hamburger to go in his famous "Mike's beans". I was blessed to sit there and watch him cook. He has been so sick for so very long, to see him standing, cooking and grilling, we were all filled to overflowing with gratitude.
Our supplies. I love the Christmas scene with the red truck and tree in the back. I could not find a red truck, so I bought a blue one and used red nail polish to paint it.
Here you see the tree and truck glued inside plus the fake snow. This was before adding the baby oil.
Here Minette is showing me hers. It immediately clouded up, the snow dissolved and the glitter just floated around. We immediately knew something wasn't right.
In this photo my snow globe looks great, everything in place, the snow floating around, until I shook it. LOL then everything went haywire.
Here we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day in South Florida, sun, sand, hot, good land... hot! Doing a little beach front selfie.


  1. This entire post just filled my heart with joy. I'm so glad you both spent this time together, clearly you made the best of every minute.

  2. Aww, thank you for sharing your visit with Minette and Mike. I agree, just so see him upright, doing stuff, is plenty of reason to be grateful. The blue Florida sky ain't shabby either!
    Not sure how encouraged I am for my own snow globe project (see a few blog posts ago). Why would you use baby oil, though? I thought I was supposed to use distilled water plus some expensive secret something, I forgot.

  3. I love that you two met this way! How fun. :) And yes, I think living a life of saying thanks absolutely changes your mindset!

  4. What fun it is to meet blogging buddies in person, that's something i've done and was glad every time.

    You are so right about choosing to be happy and grateful, it makes a huge difference.

    There is a blog hop every weekend at where you can link up and count your blessings and read what others are thankful for, too. It helps keep me in the spirit of Thanksgiving all year long.