Friday, October 4, 2019

Six Years Old - SSS

I woke up and stretched. I could see light through the curtains over my window. Rolling over I lifted the corner. I don't see very much but the road and a log truck going by.
Mama said I have school today and that I'd get to make friends. I'm not really sure what all that means. I have neighbors and cousins and I thought they were friends.
I hear mama in the kitchen and I need to pee so guess I should get up.
Mama walks across the kitchen floor and to the table. She sets my breakfast down and goes back.
Driving to school she tells me to be good, be on my best behavior and if I'm not I'll get a whooping.
I'm listening but mostly wondering what it's like to be a bird. There are so many on our drive.
We arrive and wow, there are so many kids! Where did they all come from? We walk into the cold pale green building and down the hall. There are doors with ladies standing at each one.
Mama finds the first door and talks to this lady, she keeps smiling at me but I'm busy looking around. I see James and I know him because he's my neighbor. There's Wesley too, he's James' cousin. Then mama is walking away.
She waves and says remember what I told you. Oh I remember cause I don't want a whoopin'.
The nice lady tells me her name is Mrs. Smith and walks me into the room. She tells everyone my name and they say hello. I guess when the next child comes in I'll do the same thing.
I walk over to some girls and say hi, they say hi back. They are playing with some dolls and the boys are playing with blocks which looks like more fun so I go over there. The girls giggle and I have no idea why.
A really loud bell rings and Mrs. Smith tells us to find a seat and sit down. Then she says, "when I call your name please answer by saying present." I've never done anything like this and I can tell she means business.
After we are all "present and accounted for" she tells us what each day will be like. Man no one told me school would be like this.
We look at a calendar, days of the week, what month it is, what season it is, and then a bell rings again. She tells us to get our lunch boxes and line up at the door.
Where are we going? I have no idea. We march in line, hands to ourselves and quiet. Down a long hall and out the back of the building, across the yard and down a side walk to another building. It is big and loud, lots of tables and chairs, kids, lines, and the noise...I'm not sure about this and think I might cry.
She leads us to a group of tables and those of us with lunch boxes sit down and the others get in a line. This is the cafeteria. Wow this is cool and scary all at the same time. So many changes, noises, sights and smells. I kinda feel sick, scared and excited all at the same time.
We haven't been eating long and she tells us we need to hurry so we can get back to class. Why? I didn't ask because I'm scared to but we aren't finished. Closing up our lunch boxes the others take their tray to a window and drop it off. This is all so weird.
We line up and march out again. Now we stop at a small block building. Mrs. Smith tells the girls to go in this first door, three at a time and the boys the second door. When it's my turn I go in, what??? There are no doors. I have to pee really bad. You mean in front of these girls and in this small smelly hot building? I really want to cry and I think I might pee my pants. I'm scared and then Betty comes over. she says "you go in and I'll cover for you, then you do the same for me" okay what does that mean??? I go in and she puts her back to me and blocks the stall door. I'm relieved and get to pee, then I do the same for her. She is not my best friend whatever that means.
Back in the classroom it is story time and we all sit on a carpet. Mrs. Smith sits in a rocking chair like the one on our front porch, she reads the book called "Dick and Jane" it has a dog named Spot in it. I like the story.
The day goes on and finally she tells us "those of you who are riding the bus line up at the door and don't forget your lunch boxes and papers." So they line up and another lady takes them outside to the big yellow bus. I'm kinda jealous I think I'd like to ride the bus, all the big kids are on there but I know my mama is picking me up. Next those of us who have someone picking us up get to line up and go out front. WOW look at all the cars! It never even looks like this in town. Now I'm excited. Mrs. Smith goes over to each car and come back for whoever needs to go. My mama is picking me and James up. We ride home and tell her all about our day.
It was a long day, scary and fun but I really don't want to go back. 
It's hard being six. So many changes but mama says I'll get used to it. I don't think so.

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  1. Wow this takes me back. I remember being scared and quiet too. Well, until I wasn't.

  2. Funny how much we can remember and yet how much we forget. My biggest memory of first grade is one little boy peeing his pants. Great story!

  3. You caught the fear and curiosity in equal measure.

  4. I remember going to my teacher's maple farm and collecting syrup and that's about it! (Rena)

  5. Wow, very cute - and very different to what my days looked as a six year old. We walked to Kindergarten on our own for starters.