Monday, October 7, 2019

BOO! Treats - Oct BWF

Welcome to the October edition of Blog With Friends. This month our theme is...BOO! Now I have to admit, I'm not a huge Halloween fan and definitely not a scary Halloween fan. BUT if it involves black cats, bats, pumpkins, and owls I'm in. Just don't gory, scary, blood and gut zombie type decor or food. I'll pass but to each his own.

I took the picture below a few days before we even chose our theme. I was walking out the door and Sugar stood up and stretched. Thankfully I had my phone in hand and was going out to take a few shots of my squirrel family. Perfect timing. Then when we chose the theme, I knew I had to use this picture.
I had to head out to the local wally world, which it  like my least  favorite thing to do, but I was in search of ideas and items for this post. I walked by the Halloween decor and almost did not stop but decided to peruse down the aisle. I'm so glad I did. because I bought this cup! How stinking cute is this? Is there booze in it? Maybe. Maybe not.
I also saw these napkins and laughed so hard this lady moved to another aisle. LOL and then...I found the 'ghost' marshmallows! I couldn't resist. Even if for the only purpose of this photo, they were both worth it.
I tried a few snack ideas that failed miserably. I just could not get them to suit me and ended up with this "so easy a child can do it no fail treat" how's that for a name? Or just BOO! Treats. LOL
Oreo cookies
Life Saver gummies
That's it. Assembly is pretty simple. Open the cookie, lay a life saver on top, sit a M&M on top of that.
Kids will love it and so will you. No mess, no clean up. And seriously pretty tasty.

This is a collage of all the great project that my fellow bloggers have put together for this post. I do hope you'll visit each one. We are all unique and our projects all different.


  1. Gotta love an easy-peasy, no mess, no fuss "recipe"! Since we didn't go to the U.S. this fall, I don't even know: are there any Halloween themed M&Ms?
    So glad you stepped into that shop, right?

    1. Love my cup and napkins. But the Halloween M&Ms are white chocolate candy corn flavored. GROSS

  2. Sometimes the easiest options turn out to be the best. Those eyeballs are so fun. And your purchases made me laugh too. I NEED those napkins.

    1. I just need to be these napkins right now LOL