Friday, August 9, 2019

Little Girl The Squirrel - SSS August 2019

If you've been around lately you've been hearing a lot about Honey and Little Girl. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

You see it all started when...there was this girl. She was brave wandering around in the woods, watching all of the critters go about their day. She could sit there for hours and hours. She would even climb up in trees to get a birds eye view. Never was there an animal that she didn't like, want to pet and fed as often as she could.
Why you may ask? And her reply would be why not.
God created us all, the birds of the air, the fish in the sea, the animals that walk on the ground and you and me. She thought that if God loved them enough to care for them and she was commanded to love her neighbor as herself, well the animals were her neighbors too and she would love them.
Sitting on the porch early in the morning listening to nature as it came alive. The birds singing and calling to one another, the squirrels as they chatted up a storm, the doe as she passed through on her way to find a place to bed down for the day. Mornings were special and she counted each one a blessing.
Afternoons she would find herself on the porch again, winding down after a long day. Sitting and relaxing, watching the trees sway in the afternoon breeze, the leaves singing their own song and the animals come up for a treat.
She loved nature, she loved trees and squirrels especially and could talk to them in a sense. After spending hours outside she could recognize the sound of different birds and pick out which tree they were siting in. She could imitate the sounds of most and would call out to them when placing feed on the deck.
No greater joy did she get on a daily basis than being outside, walking, sitting and relaxing among the trees with the squirrels.
Who is this girl? Well, she is me.

Each day I feed the squirrels, birds and chipmunks in our yard. My own little slice of heaven. One squirrel in particular is Little Girl. She was the first to start coming around. I would see her every day, yes after a while you can tell them apart. Each has their own personality and traits, quirks if you will and physical traits that tell them apart. She was not very shy but she is still a little standoffish. However when food is involved she will come running. She brightens my day. I love to find myself washing dishes and have that feeling I'm being watched, I'll look up and there she is, sometimes hanging on the screen and running around trying to figure out how to get in. Which by the way she did. She pulled the screen loose in one corner and made it into our porch area. Then she was at the French doors peeping in! It was funny, cute and a little annoying because we've had to repair the screen several times. I spoil them with black oil sunflower seeds, grapes, cherries, strawberries and carrots.
Little Girl the squirrel is the sweetest thing and if I don't see her first thing in the morning I worry. We are surrounded by trees, a small forest with lots of hawks, owls and other predators. So when she comes a knocking, I go out with food and feel great relief.

Thanks Jules for the prompt.

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  1. Aawww, I do love to see your daily squirrel posts, they even brighten my day over here! Wow, they get some yummy treats at your house, no wonder they keep coming back - and bringing their friends!

    1. Aww thank you I'm glad you enjoy them. She sure brightens my day. Not sure what winter will bring but hopefully daily visits will continue.

  2. I love not only that you're living in this environment and have the joy of these creatures on a daily basis, but that it happened at the same time as you got your new camera. Love all the pics you post on FB and this blog.

  3. Had to go read the post you linked to, great pics. Thanks so much for sharing the joy....

  4. I'm a huge animal lover myself. When we lived in our old house we would feed them as well. We'd sit on the back porch and watch them run back and forth through the trees every morning. I miss that.(Rena)

  5. I took care of a fox squirrel (that had been injured) for a long time. he was the greatest. I don't have many in my yard now because of cats and few trees, but they're still one of my favorite animals. I can't see one and not smile.