Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Lazy Cake and August poetry

Welcome to the monthly poetry edition. Each month we choose a theme and then each person writes their own take on that theme. Some write free verse, some are rhyming poems. I just try to entertain you as my poetry skills are lacking. I'm a big fan of Haiku's but this month it's just a little ditty or two AND while I'm at it, let's sneak in a cake recipe.
Be sure to read to the end and follow the links where you might actually read some fine poetry from my blogging cohorts.

A - angry wind and skies
U - ugly forecast lies
G - gusting gale forces
U - us to abandon outdoor activities
S - seeking shelter from a possible
T - tornado on the horizon

August has a tendency to bring about some very rough weather, I know our theme is "lazy" but August what was I saw. Let's see if I can redeem myself with a lazy poem.
L - laying under
A - a tree
Z - zzz sleeping in the heat
Y - yearning for a breeze

Many times while growing up you would find us under trees, swinging or laying on old blankets like a bunch of old tired dogs. Praying for a breeze to come along and give us respite from the humidity. It was on those days that we didn't even long for the beach. The sand would burn our feet and no shade to cool our burning skin. Now if my daddy or granddaddy fired up the boat, well that was different. We were in like Flynn and riding the waves. It was still hot as Hades but man did I love to be on the boat. Still do actually. 

You probably thought I forgot the recipe. Nope, just putting it out of the way of the poetry/verses.

Lazy Cake is what I'm calling this because it takes so few ingredients and effort. Seriously it is super simple, bake it early in the morning before it gets unbearably hot outside and it will be perfect for supper time dessert. Or better yet a slice in the afternoon with a cool glass of sweet tea, lemonade or iced coffee.
As you can see it is also WW friendly which is a big deal for me these days.
Mix the water, eggs and yogurt together, slowly stir in the cake mix. Pour into a bundt pan, sprayed with a nonstick spray and bake at 350 degrees until set. It took 23 minutes in my oven but times could vary. Invert, allow to cool and ice if you want. Frost or ice, you know. I took some leftover buttercream frosting, just 2 heaping tablespoons and added a tablespoon of low carb milk, heated it up and poured over the cake. Delicious!! The frosting is not included in the points of the cake.

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  1. ZZZZ is the thing to do when it gets this hot out.
    And OH, how I miss the beach. I'd be there no matter how hot.
    That cake looks delish. I'm not sure I'd even frost it.

  2. Nothing knocks the stuffing out of me faster than heat and HUMIDITY. Now I'm fanning myself and wishing for just a few minutes on one of those boats. And I'm not even hot!

  3. Woah - that does sound easy! I'm thinking a Saturday baking session awaits!