Monday, July 8, 2019

The Story of Me - BWF July

Here we are in July already and it's hot, hot, hot but I much prefer it to the blasting cold. Today we, a group of blog friends and I, are posting our once a month themed post of "Blog With Friends". A post each month where we share our take on a theme. The theme this month is "The Story of Me". This can and will be interpreted different ways by each blogger as we are all different with different audiences. 

For me, this theme is perfect. In May I became a designer for Origami Owl, and our tag line is "each locket tells a story" what's yours? Well, here is my first locket and probably my favorite. Because it's tells a story, my story. You see you pick a locket, a chain and then you build your story with each charm that you add. You can tell your story all at once or build with each year or celebration depending on your story. Maybe it's a favorite memory, a holiday, a memorial of a loved one, (which I am working on for my Daddy), your children, grandchildren, anniversary and so on. The options are endless. You can also leave your locket the way you build it or change it out as the seasons change or life changes. This locket I created will remain the same. It's me but I will add one more charm, a cooking/baking charm.
What you see in my locket is my story. I'll walk you through it.
The first charm I bought, well the first 3, were the owl, camera and cross. I LOVE 💝🦉owls. I have no greater thrill than when I'm sitting in my screened in porch late in the afternoon and our neighborhood Barred owl flys in. 
The second charm is the camera. I have loved to take photos for as long as I can remember. I have literally tens of thousands of photos in scrapbooks and containers to prove it. If you are my Facebook friend you know this too because I have approximately ten thousand photos there as well. Good thing there's no storage fee. LOL
The third one is the cross. This represents my faith which is very important to me. I fail all the time because I am human not perfect. My faith has gotten me through some very tough situations.
Then I added the Swarovski crystals in deep purple. Purple is my favorite color and my birthstone.
Next I added the "Alice" charm. The white Jeep, which I happen to drive and love. Years ago I had a Jeep so last year when my husband so generously bought me a new vehicle I wanted a Jeep.
Equally important I added two Spring charms. A purple flower along with a hummingbird. Next to owls and Cardinals my favorite is the adorable, hearty, beautiful hummingbird. I have two feeders on the deck and it thrills me to see those little blurs of feathers as they zip by on a sunny afternoon.
Lastly I added Swarovski crystals and pearls. They are in a beautiful blush color and those I added just because. LOL y'all know I'm random so it comes through even in my locket.

In addition to my story locket I have an Emerald green locket (from our recently released The Wizard of Oz Limited Edition collection) and a rainbow locket that I won my first month. My newest one is below. It is a memorial to my Daddy. I miss him every single day and have wanted to do a memorial for him for some time now. I have been thinking about a tattoo in his memory, which will most likely happen at some point, but I wanted/needed to create this for him. For me.

Thank you so much for stopping by and allowing me to share "my story" with you. I have lots of stories, growing up, hardships, bad choices, blessings and a multitude of others but this one was relevant and now. It is where I am and a big part of who I am.
Be sure to visit the others, learn more about them and read their story of "me".



  1. I love Origami Owl, and your idea of a memory locket is just beautiful!

  2. I just love how you express yourself through custom made jewelry. Looking forward to hearing about your future designs.

  3. So pretty and a great opportunity to create your unique life story. Something tells me you'll add a squirrel in the near future :-)