Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pizza Party? Yes! Fajita Pizza with a Summer Bash - Poetry

What do parties have in common? Most come with PIZZA! No matter what time of the year, how hot or how cold it is, we seem to celebrate with pizza and I am more than happy to comply with this!! I'm a huge pizza lover and really didn't realize (I know I'm slow on the uptake sometimes) that I was like "addicted" to this food. I mean come on. You can eat it cold, hot, all veggies or all meat, cheese, no cheese (GASP not really) pineapple, anti-pineapple. Whatever, we all, well almost all, LOVE pizza.
Here is my latest pizza, using leftovers! YES, a win win. Did you ever thing about that? Using leftovers for a different out of the ordinary pizza? Check it out and then scroll down for this month's poetry theme and attempt at prose or something to the like.

Fajita pizza! OMG we had fajita's just a few nights ago, cooked on the grill of course because y'all know it's my summer obsession. There really wasn't enough left for all of us and I was trying not to be greedy and eat it all myself. Then I thought, well, it's not overbearingly hot today, why not pizza for lunch? I had two thin crust in the pantry, yes sometimes I cheat and use store bought, there is always sauce and cheese in the fridge. But one pizza wasn't enough, so I did a bacon pepperoni pizza and then threw the leftovers on the cutting board. I chopped the chicken, peppers and onions into smaller pieces. After spreading a very thin layer of sauce on the crust I sprinkled the fajita mix over the crust, topped with a sprinkling of finely shredded cheese. HOLY PIE Y'ALL this thing was fabulous! I also added some fresh diced tomato to the pizza. It was a big hit and no leftovers.
Sadly this is the only picture because I wasn't sure how this would be but oh my gosh! HOT DANG good good gracious!! This was taken just prior to going in the oven.
Summer Bash Pizza Style

Summer time and parties galore
chips and soda
cookies and cake
but oh the one that grabs me the most
pizza party

teens and adults
kids and grannies
all after a slice
of the hot gooey pie

pool party
birthday party
graduations and all

we buy them
bake them
have them delivered

ahh pizza pie
my pizza pie
cheesy delight before my eyes

summer time and watermelon
hot dogs on the grill
burgers by the dozen

but nothing gives me quiet the thrill
as a pizza pie
pizza party summer bash!!
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  1. YES, all occasions seem to call for pizza. And yours using leftovers is not only a perfect way to stretch them into another meal, but so delicious looking.

  2. I love this and have visions of this awesomeness as the kids get older. :) Also, fajita pizza!? Yummmmmm