Friday, July 5, 2019

Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Or Not - SSS

How about a great side dish, full of flavor and easy to toss on the grill? My husband and son loved these. I didn't eat them cause, well I don't eat mushrooms.
These were great and used up leftovers in the fridge. So it's a win win far as I'm concerned.
Before hitting the grill

After the grill...mmm

My friends will tell you that I used to be the hostess queen. Every Friday night for 4 years and then again on Saturday night for two years we hosted a potluck at our home. Our average was 25 the first four years and 35 the last two. I loved it. Every single minute of it. The preparing, the shopping, the cooking, the serving and yes even the clean up. I love feeding people and entertaining. Having that many happy tummies in my house fed me, deep down in my soul. Each family would bring a dish and I'd line them up on the counters. We had seating in our dining room, on the deck, the porch, in the bonus room and anywhere there was a spot. We have hosted as many as 65 folks at one time. Rarely were there leftovers. At one point we had several single folks and young military men, they would just give me money and ask me to prepare a dish that they loved. I was happy to oblige. I'd cook for hours, sometimes days in preparation for our potluck dinners. Afterwards we would go outside and have a BIG bonfire, courteous of my firebug I mean youngest son. He loved to build fires, the bigger the better. You can see one such here on my blog. We would talk, play games, sing, and just sit around talking for hours and I mean hours. A lot of times I'd wake up the next morning to an additional 5-12 people in the house. If it was too late I'd tell them to just stay. I didn't want anyone hit by a drunk driver or hit a deer in the dark. I'd much rather them sleep over. So they did. Then I'd do a big breakfast and we'd enjoy a few hours, sometimes another whole day of visiting. No I didn't get tired of it and I miss it. I love those folks. A lot of them were young adults who became my bonus kids, most are married with kids now and scattered across the country but we have Facebook so we stay in touch.
So to answer the question...I'd rather host. Thank you Karen!

Your “Secret Subject” is:
Do you prefer being the host or the guest? Why?
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  1. LOVE learning this about you. I'm with you, prefer hosting. We didn't do it weekly but once a month we'd do a lady's night pot luck and I always did a New Year's Day open house where I did about 95% of the cooking. Happy memories!

  2. Wow, talk about an open house! I can tell people came for the food but stayed for the warmth and friendship!

    1. We were like family. It started as a potluck gathering and became a family reunion each week.

  3. I would have had to answer "neither". I'm an introvert with limited cooking skills. Even at large family outings, I tend to keep more to myself or 1-2 others. As to being hostess, I wasn't raised attending/giving them and even now in my 70s, I'm still uncomfortable. Oh, and like you, I don't eat mushrooms. LOL!

    1. I grew up with my mom's family gathering together each week and holidays so I guess that's where it comes from. I have always loved feeding people and hosting. I started at 17 just a year after marrying.

  4. I used to love to entertain like that too and I miss it so much. When we lived in KY (where all of our friends are) we would have a house full and it was so much fun. Sometimes we'd do a potluck but more often than not I would cook the whole thing! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I thought of it. I don't have any friends here in SC. (Rena)

    1. Same here, I knew I missed it but no friends here in GA. Well, not true, I have friends here but not close by. They are all 2-5 hours away. IF I could find some friends I'd start it up all over again.