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Stuffed Grilled Poblano Peppers - Grease Monkey -May FOTW 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of Fly On The Wall. This month I'm doing something a little different. It all started when Karen and I were discussing my many moves. Only 53 at this point, but there will be more. Then I said I had probably had just as many jobs. (Well, if you know me and have been around any length of time you know I've moved.. a bunch.) What has that got to do with jobs? Well, I've had as many jobs as times I've moved. Which translates to a LOT. Actually 58 to be exact. YES you read that correctly and it's no joke or exaggeration. FIFTY EIGHT jobs... dang.

So today, I'm sharing my first. At the bottom of the post you'll find links to the other participating bloggers. Be sure to stop by and say HI.

My first job? Working in my Daddy's garage. I was his little grease monkey. Yes, I learned how to rebuild a carburetor, change a transmission, rebuild a motor, grease wheel bearings, and anything that had to do with rebuilding a car but mostly I did body work. He made me sand the cars and tape them off. He did the painting of course but I enjoyed every minute of it. I also learned how to do bondo.
We shared a lot of laughs, some scary moments and some hysterical ones. Today I'm going to share some of those with you.

My dad and George were working on a car, it was cold outside and the garage door was shut. When I walked up I heard a strange sound. Opera music! WTH yep opera. I stopped, stood in shock and listened as the two of them sang!! They were pretty good for two old rough drinking rednecks with little education and a lot of alcohol. When I walked in of course they stopped and acted like I was crazy when I said something. But it is a memory I hold dear. Two old buddies working, laughing and singing together.

When I was pregnant with my oldest son I was steering a dump truck in to the bay, we were changing out the motor. The motor was actually hanging from the ceiling beam on a chain horse waiting to be dropped in and bolted down. I was steering, Daddy was pushing, as I rolled into the bay I was to stop the truck so the motor was hanging over where we would drop it in. Well, I hit the brakes but they didn't work, I had both feet on the break pushing as hard as I could and CRASH the motor came through the window and I was covered in glass. At first my Daddy was mad and yelling then when I climbed out of the truck and said I was pushing as hard as I could. All he could do was just stand there looking at my swollen belly and me with glass in my hair. He said "go on in the house and I'll fix it" he sounded mad, I was upset, scared and shaken. Later he tole my mom how scared he was when he realized how hurt or even killed I could have been and me pregnant to boot. After I went inside he found that the break lines had been disconnected. Thankfully the shaft end of the motor that went through the windshield went into the center and not the drivers side.

When I was 16 I was sanding a cement mixer and when I came down off the top my foot slipped and I landed on my shin into the battery box. Of course it resulted in a broken leg. I was so afraid my Dad would be mad until I hopped on one foot to the truck and climbed in the passenger side. Rode home and hopped into the house where I propped it up. He had gone back to the shop. When my mother got home at 10 o'clock that night she took one look at my leg and said "Good land girl what have you done?" I told her and she said she was pretty sure it was broken but it was late and she didn't want to go to the emergency room So the next morning she called the orthopedic, who had set all my other broken bones, and he took us right in. Yep, it was cracked thankfully not broken through but it put a damper on my summer that's for sure.

My Daddy would have loved these peppers! He loved hot food and the only time he ate anything on a grill was when I cooked it for him and that was maybe twice. My parents were not "grilling" folks. Man they missed out. I love to grill.

Stuffed Grilled Poblano Peppers
4 large poblano peppers, cut the top off and remove seeds
ground turkey, beef and chorizo for a total of 1 1/2 pounds
diced sweet peppers 
diced onion
1 egg
Mexican seasoning, taco seasoning
1/2 cup chihuahua cheese (no puppies were harmed in the making of this dish)
Mix all the ingredients well and stuff into the peppers, place on a hot grill and grill for 8-10 minutes, turn and repeat. The peppers will blister on the outside and add flavor to the meat mixture.

I remember countless hours sitting on a 5 gal. bucket as a stool handing my Daddy tools as he called them out to me while he was under a car working.
This was my Daddy's wrecker, he loved it. I helped by sanding and taping off, we did the painting and pin stripe as well. He was proud of this big boy.

Oh my gosh when I was about ten years old  and it was summer, hotter than blazes, we were out in the shop working and Daddy and George were drinking "water" from a mason jar. I thought it was water, it was clear and cold. They were enjoying it. I wanted some. They had a big laugh and handed me the jar, "take swig of this fire water" I had no idea what that meant but found out pretty damn quick let me tell you. It was moonshine. Pure, cold, strong alcohol that tasted and burned like kerosene!!

One day Daddy brought home a puppy, he found it in the junkyard. There was a momma dog there and she had a litter, most of them were scruffy and sick looking but Bear was the cutest thing and Daddy decided we needed a shop dog. I loved that dog, he was the best and tough as nails.
But...Bear had a fixation on wires. If you didn't park far enough away from him he would crawl up under the car/truck and chew the wires to bits! He also would tell us when he didn't like someone, by peeing on them. Yep, one of the men who lived down the road, I swear every single time that man pulled in our yard Bear would fill his boot with pee! I found it hysterical.

After I left home Bear got loose one day and was hit by a car. When my mom got home he was laying in the ditch. She called Daddy at work and he came home, Bear was not in the ditch. He heard a noise and there was Bear by the garage door whimpering. He had been hit and had a broken hip and back leg. Bless him he made a full recovery and lived another 4-5 years with a limp but he never went near the road again.
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  1. Love these stories, such fun memories, even the broken legs. And those peppers, wow, my younger son loves hot foods, the hotter the better!

  2. Those peppers sound amazing! I have to admit, I've never heard of chiauhua cheese before. Loved reading the stories of you working with your dad. How sweet! The broken leg and scary engine-thru-the-windshield let me know you gave your dad a lot of stories of his own to talk about. <3

  3. Loved the memories you shared. But this whole moving that many times -- just can't wrap my head around that. You must be one very organized lady