Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Grilled JD Salmon

I so love grilling season, Summer, Spring and anytime I can come out on to the deck and grill food. Less mess inside, less dishes to wash, it doesn't make the kitchen hot, the a/c doesn't run as much, it's a complete win win situation.
I purchased my husband a grill for his birthday, two weeks after we moved into the house. LOL I have to laugh because he hasn't used it once! I use it, everyday. Okay, the first month, no lie, I used it EVERY single day, sometimes more than once. I still use it at least 4 nights a week and twice on Saturday.
Now for me, I'd grill fish or chicken along with fresh vegetables without fail every stinking day but the guys start to complain. In order to keep the natives from getting restless I have to switch things up. You know, throw on some burgers (shh a lot of times those are turkey LOL) hot dogs (all beef all natural no nitrates) a steak or a wonderful chop. But this particular night I wanted fish. My husband just looked at me. I said okay I'll buy you some fatty ground beef and you can eat that. Bless his heart he was thrilled.
I purchased 3 beautiful salmon fillets and tossed those on the grill when the burgers were flipped the first time. This way everything finished about the same time.
OH MAN they just didn't know what they were missing because it was DEElicious!
With the leftovers the next night I had a salad and they ate more burgers. Men they are so easy to please.

Grilled JD Salmon
3 tsp brown sugar
2-3 TBSP bbq sauce (SUGAR FREE)
1 Tbsp soy sauce, lite
1/2 shot Jack Daniels
mix and brush on salmon
Toss it on the grill and flip after 4 minutes. Brush on the sauce again. Close the lid and allow it to go about 4-6 minutes. It really depends on how hot your grill is, if you like it medium, rare or well done. I use a gas grill and the temperature runs around 300 degrees for most of what I cook.
I also grilled the zucchini and the bread sticks. I wanted a break from the salad and just ate some grape tomatoes and snow pea pods.
Leftovers were used for a salad.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Stuffed Grilled Poblano Peppers - Grease Monkey -May FOTW 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of Fly On The Wall. This month I'm doing something a little different. It all started when Karen and I were discussing my many moves. Only 53 at this point, but there will be more. Then I said I had probably had just as many jobs. (Well, if you know me and have been around any length of time you know I've moved.. a bunch.) What has that got to do with jobs? Well, I've had as many jobs as times I've moved. Which translates to a LOT. Actually 58 to be exact. YES you read that correctly and it's no joke or exaggeration. FIFTY EIGHT jobs... dang.

So today, I'm sharing my first. At the bottom of the post you'll find links to the other participating bloggers. Be sure to stop by and say HI.

My first job? Working in my Daddy's garage. I was his little grease monkey. Yes, I learned how to rebuild a carburetor, change a transmission, rebuild a motor, grease wheel bearings, and anything that had to do with rebuilding a car but mostly I did body work. He made me sand the cars and tape them off. He did the painting of course but I enjoyed every minute of it. I also learned how to do bondo.
We shared a lot of laughs, some scary moments and some hysterical ones. Today I'm going to share some of those with you.

My dad and George were working on a car, it was cold outside and the garage door was shut. When I walked up I heard a strange sound. Opera music! WTH yep opera. I stopped, stood in shock and listened as the two of them sang!! They were pretty good for two old rough drinking rednecks with little education and a lot of alcohol. When I walked in of course they stopped and acted like I was crazy when I said something. But it is a memory I hold dear. Two old buddies working, laughing and singing together.

When I was pregnant with my oldest son I was steering a dump truck in to the bay, we were changing out the motor. The motor was actually hanging from the ceiling beam on a chain horse waiting to be dropped in and bolted down. I was steering, Daddy was pushing, as I rolled into the bay I was to stop the truck so the motor was hanging over where we would drop it in. Well, I hit the brakes but they didn't work, I had both feet on the break pushing as hard as I could and CRASH the motor came through the window and I was covered in glass. At first my Daddy was mad and yelling then when I climbed out of the truck and said I was pushing as hard as I could. All he could do was just stand there looking at my swollen belly and me with glass in my hair. He said "go on in the house and I'll fix it" he sounded mad, I was upset, scared and shaken. Later he tole my mom how scared he was when he realized how hurt or even killed I could have been and me pregnant to boot. After I went inside he found that the break lines had been disconnected. Thankfully the shaft end of the motor that went through the windshield went into the center and not the drivers side.

When I was 16 I was sanding a cement mixer and when I came down off the top my foot slipped and I landed on my shin into the battery box. Of course it resulted in a broken leg. I was so afraid my Dad would be mad until I hopped on one foot to the truck and climbed in the passenger side. Rode home and hopped into the house where I propped it up. He had gone back to the shop. When my mother got home at 10 o'clock that night she took one look at my leg and said "Good land girl what have you done?" I told her and she said she was pretty sure it was broken but it was late and she didn't want to go to the emergency room So the next morning she called the orthopedic, who had set all my other broken bones, and he took us right in. Yep, it was cracked thankfully not broken through but it put a damper on my summer that's for sure.

My Daddy would have loved these peppers! He loved hot food and the only time he ate anything on a grill was when I cooked it for him and that was maybe twice. My parents were not "grilling" folks. Man they missed out. I love to grill.

Stuffed Grilled Poblano Peppers
4 large poblano peppers, cut the top off and remove seeds
ground turkey, beef and chorizo for a total of 1 1/2 pounds
diced sweet peppers 
diced onion
1 egg
Mexican seasoning, taco seasoning
1/2 cup chihuahua cheese (no puppies were harmed in the making of this dish)
Mix all the ingredients well and stuff into the peppers, place on a hot grill and grill for 8-10 minutes, turn and repeat. The peppers will blister on the outside and add flavor to the meat mixture.

I remember countless hours sitting on a 5 gal. bucket as a stool handing my Daddy tools as he called them out to me while he was under a car working.
This was my Daddy's wrecker, he loved it. I helped by sanding and taping off, we did the painting and pin stripe as well. He was proud of this big boy.

Oh my gosh when I was about ten years old  and it was summer, hotter than blazes, we were out in the shop working and Daddy and George were drinking "water" from a mason jar. I thought it was water, it was clear and cold. They were enjoying it. I wanted some. They had a big laugh and handed me the jar, "take swig of this fire water" I had no idea what that meant but found out pretty damn quick let me tell you. It was moonshine. Pure, cold, strong alcohol that tasted and burned like kerosene!!

One day Daddy brought home a puppy, he found it in the junkyard. There was a momma dog there and she had a litter, most of them were scruffy and sick looking but Bear was the cutest thing and Daddy decided we needed a shop dog. I loved that dog, he was the best and tough as nails.
But...Bear had a fixation on wires. If you didn't park far enough away from him he would crawl up under the car/truck and chew the wires to bits! He also would tell us when he didn't like someone, by peeing on them. Yep, one of the men who lived down the road, I swear every single time that man pulled in our yard Bear would fill his boot with pee! I found it hysterical.

After I left home Bear got loose one day and was hit by a car. When my mom got home he was laying in the ditch. She called Daddy at work and he came home, Bear was not in the ditch. He heard a noise and there was Bear by the garage door whimpering. He had been hit and had a broken hip and back leg. Bless him he made a full recovery and lived another 4-5 years with a limp but he never went near the road again.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mexican Bowl - Life is but a vapor

Can you believe it is the 21st of May? Almost June, half the year, poof! Gone just like that.
I truly am starting to think that while we sleep someone puts life on fast forward, I wake up when I thought I just fell asleep, still tired to begin a new day and blink...another month. It's crazy how fast time goes.I apologize, I know it is topic of conversation a LOT around here, but seriously! Am I the only one that feels like life goes by too fast?
I know, if you're the mom of a toddler you think it isn't fast enough, but trust me, you'll blink and that messy little face will be moving his tassel and out of the house.
Enjoy today because we are not promised tomorrow and that is exactly what I'm doing. Enjoying life but in a healthier way. Eating less, eating better, moving more (not just houses but my butt) and taking time to stop and breathe.
Have you done that lately? Stopped? Took a deep breath and just watch the clouds go by, listened to the birds singing, watched the squirrels rummaging around in the leaves for last winters buried treats? If not, do. It will do you a world of good in many ways.
Taking time for yourself helps your mental stability, mood, blood pressure, general well being.
Now sometimes when I am "taking a breather" I start to think about food, what am I fixing for supper? What can I do with that chicken so my husband won't go. grr chicken again?
We love Mexican food but with my CKD and GFR issues I've had to cut out a lot of foods that we ate on a regular basis. Learning to modify our favorite recipes has been a trick especially when so many contained tomato sauce, beans, red meat, spinach, nuts,etc... all on the "do not touch" list for me.
Here's is a quick throw together meal that will please everyone. You could add tortilla chips or beans if you wanted to. I just can't for myself or a very small limited amount.

Mexican bowl
Spanish rice (prepare your own or use a box mix)
1 lb ground turkey cooked with 1 TBSP taco seasoning , 1/2 cup diced onion and diced mini sweet  peppers
1-2 TBSP per bowl chihuahua cheese
1 large -fresh diced tomato
chipotle sauce (optional)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Fire Seared Chops with Lemon Dressing -May Day - BWF

Welcome to 2019's edition of Blog With Friends. Where a group of bloggers get together, chose a theme and collectively post on the same day reflecting our own style and take on the theme. For May we have chosen May Day.
For me, as a food blogger, I had to think of "what" I could come up with to translate May Day, especially after researching the holiday. Hmm...okay. Grilling. Camping. Campfire meals. Meals by the fire...I might be on to something.
So I went with these delicious chops! Fire seared/grilled to perfection and topped with a lovely lemon dressing/sauce.
If you're like me, May Day brings back memories of grade school and May pole dances, which I later learned in life had to do with fertility. Guess our teachers should have done their homework. I'm sure my mother would have had a proper Southern hissy fit if she had of known this little fact.
So with that in mind I decided to do some research on May Day. Here is what I found...
The British Isles, home to the Celts, believed May 1 to be the most important day of the year, when the festival of Beltane was held.
This festival was thought to divide the year in half, between the light and the dark. Using symbolic fire was one of the main rituals it was thought to  help by celebrating it returned life and fertility to the world.
When the Romans took over they brought their five-day celebration known as Floralia, devoted to worshiping the goddess of flowers, Flora. Taking place between April 20 and May 2, eventually the two rituals combined.
I found this lovely package of chops on sale with 6 beautiful thick chops. I only needed 3 but grilled them up and it gave us 2 meals. Now the sauce/dressing is only enough for the 3. If you want to cover 6 or use it for something else you will need to prepare more. Just a heads up. I made a second bath of the dressing for some chicken the next day because my husband loved it so much.
Fire Seared Chops with Lemon Dressing
While the grill was heating up I rubbed the chops with smoked paprika and a touch of brown sugar. You can skip this if you want but it added a great little crunch/crust when it seared. This helps keep the moisture inside. Also, be careful not to overcook them as they will be dry and tough.
The dressing is very simple. In a small sauce pan add:
zest and juice from one nice fat lemon or skinny juicy lemon, I don't discriminate citrus
1 garlic clove minced
1 TBSP Dijon mustard
1 tsp dried Oregano
1/4 tsp of ground cumin
fresh cilantro leaves and tender stems finely chopped, as much as you want.Once it was finely chopped I had about 2 TBSP
1/2 tsp brown sugar or substitute if you're cutting calories
1-2 tsp water to keep it loose
Do not boil or over cook unless you want it to be bitter, then go for it
Simmer on low for 5-10 minutes
Chop time!
While the dressing is simmering, toss the chops on a hot grill. Sear those chops on each side then reduce the heat and close the lid. Grill for 4 minutes, flip and grill 4 more.
Remove and allow them to rest for a couple of minutes.
Top with the dressing and serve with whatever sides you'd like. I was cutting calories and SP (ww) so I had a dab of rice, fresh slaw, grilled carrot and mushrooms. Delicious! 

My husband enjoyed it so much, he said "that's a keeper!" two thumbs up.
One last thing about May Day.
Do you know what May Day has to do with the international distress call, "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday"? Nothing, as it turns out. The code was invented in 1923 by an airport radio officer in London. Challenged to come up with a word that could easily be understood by pilots and ground staff in case of an emergency, Frederick Mockford used the word "mayday" because it sounded like "m'aider," a shortened version of the French term for "come and help me." Interesting.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Meatballs

I love meatballs. I mean who doesn't? They are just little round hamburgers or if the word "balls" sounds unappetizing to you, call them meat spheres, turkey bites, meat jiblets. That sounds worse to me. LOL
These are super simple. I didn't want to add a bunch of stuff because of my low oxalate diet, mandatory from the doc, and being on WW I don't want to add a bunch of points.
You could use ground beef if you wanted but the turkey is leaner and I have to ration out the red meat these days.

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Meatballs
1 lb 93% lean ground turkey
1 egg beaten
1/3 cup panko bread crumbs
mix, form balls, cook and add sweet and spicy chili sauce

I had green beans with this along with 4 Korean dumplings, yes and rice. It is a rare treat for me. This entire meal was 9 smart points if you are a WW Freestyler.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Knock Your Pants Off Orange Cake

Yep, it is a holiday. I'm all for it. No pinching my waist, no binding me up when I'm bending or squatting. Just pure freedom.
Hmm, I know the "people of Wal-Mart" might be out in full force today, so I'll stay in, put on a big shirt/tunic or night shirt and parade around in the freedom of my own home. I'll spare y'all the shock of seeing me without pants.
NOW if only...if only...the POWM would do the same.
I was there earlier, and I think they didn't get the memo, instead of no pants they were "no teeth, no bra" glad I missed that memo. shivers
Now to be honest, until my dear friend Karen, over at Baking In A Tornado, made me aware of this glorious holiday, I was unaware of it. NOW that I know about it, well, I've marked it in my Google calendar. Shoot, I don't want to miss this from now on!
Running around, no pants, long shirt, socks so I can skid on the floor like in Risky Business. Oh yeah. Wait, you don't know what I'm talking about?? Oh dear, I'm old. Let me find the clip from the movie. Hold on a second.
THIS is how to celebrate NO PANTS DAY!! Let's rock out!! 

However, I can promise that IF I do this, my son will be mortified and call the paddy wagon for me, however, my husband will be thrilled beyond belief.

Knock Your Pants Off Orange Cake
1 tsp orange extract
3 eggs
1 Oikos Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz Orange Cream
liquid from can oranges, Great Value No Sugar Added Mandarin Orange Segments 3/4 cup (mine was 3/4)
mix well
Duncan Hines orange supreme cake mix 15.25 oz 
Great value Sugar Free vanilla instant pudding, box 1/34 oz
stir well, do not over mix
Squish orange segments(with your hands unless you are squeamish) to break them up and fold into mix
Grease a bundt pan
add batter, spread evenly
350 degree oven
36 minutes
allow to cool
frost or not

Yep, that simple and oh man! Knock your pants off! It is really good. Since being on WW I have drastically cut sugar and my baking is almost non-existent BUT on occasion I do play around and see if I can come up with something satisfying that doesn't break my bank on points. This one did the trick. Even with adding the frosting. The cake makes 18 servings and 1 point per slice!! NOW if you add frosting it is still only 4 points per slice. WORTH every single one!!
If you're not familiar, WW is formerly Weight Watchers. Now focusing on wellness with a benefit of weight loss. Not a diet but a healthy lifestyle. I love it and am able to incorporate my low oxalate diet into it as well.

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