Friday, April 19, 2019

Grocery Funny 2019 FOTW

 The first Saturday after we moved into our new home, my husband decided he was going fishing. He went out in the garage and loaded up his gear. Or so I thought. He leaves. I walk outside to leave and what is in the driveway behind my Jeep? His tackle box and water. I shook my head and laughed. Then I called him. He answered and said "what did I forget?". I laughed and said "what makes you think you forgot something?" "Oh I don't know, me I guess." I said, well you won't get a lot of fishing done because your tackle box is sitting in the driveway.
"OH S*!t, okay I'm turning around now, thank you."
Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 7 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.
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 As you can see he has a rough life. My view from the kitchen window, his office for the day. Sitting in the screened in porch, smoking a cigar, answering emails by phone. Poor guy has it rough. smh
 I get a smaller desk so as to discourage the kitties from "helping" me work. Yeah that's not working out so well as you can tell. Beau is very insistent when he wants to be.
 My bff/Sissy and I text daily. Auto correct has given us some interesting messages over the years but this one takes the cake. 
So I'm sitting on the couch watching AI and JT comes down the stairs, I wasn't really paying attention but all of a sudden he is behind me. "Mom, where is the scooper?" I'm confused. "Scooper, what do you need the litter scooper for?" He says "WHAT? NO the ice cream scooper, what is wrong with you why would I want the one for the litter?" I said "I don't know, maybe you were going to clean it. I'm tired. The scoop is in the bottom drawer on the left."

 Our new house! I love it,even all the stairs. My knees do not but they will adjust, or I hope so. The first photo is a view from the far corner and the second photo was taken from the entry landing.

So, I'm at the store and JT is with me. He kept seeing all kinds of great things I said man, my FOTW post is writing itself in here! YES score.
My Eeyore child, he says "WOW now they have 'organic' Gatorade? I highly doubt it's really organic they just put that crap on there to charge more." Don't hold back your feelings son, tell me what you think. He gets it honest.
 Same store, JT says "WOW you have to tell your employees it's not a break room maybe you should hire better "workers". " I said "another photo op!" I'm loving this place.
 Again, same store, we're walking around and JT says "wow, that doesn't look like normal tea." I look up and it took me a second I'll be honest. I started laughing and said "I must take a picture, of course this is going in my Fly post ya know." He says "you're welcome". LOL this kid.
 Beau has decided every morning now that he needs a drink from the faucet. Never before except on rare occasions has he gotten on the counter, but this one is huge and he loves looking at himself in the mirror. Good grief I think my cat is an egomaniac.
Which one would you try? Both? Neither?
When I showed my husband the picture he said, "well did you buy any?"
um no. "What? Why not? I'd eat the heck out of the bacon but do NOT buy the chicken and waffles that's just gross." THIS coming from the man who once drank from a mud puddle for $5!!


  1. I love your new house. Your husband is a smart man, picking the best place for his office for the day.
    Have to admit I've never seen a cat drink from a faucet like that before!

  2. I love your stairways! And that screened in porch is to die for! Grocery stores are excellent fodder for FLY posts. I can't beleive they make Organic gatorade. You will never be lonely with Beau around . <3

  3. Your house is beautiful congratulations!!! I want your hubbies office. I hate working least until it gets hot then I hibernate in the ac!

  4. LOVE. The. Stairs. Of course, they are a bit of a climb for you but so nice. Our cat used to drink from the faucet like that. I can relate with your hubby's office -- I sometimes work in the atrium :)