Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Victoria's Secret Fruit Of The Loom Party

Karen over at Baking In A Tornado said, I'm paraphrasing, hey why don't we do a post on "make up your own holiday day"? I asked if we were all creating our own and she said yes. I was in like Flynn. WOO yeah!!(you'll find her link and the other at the bottom of this post).
Now what would my day be? Something to do with food of course. HA! Those days have all been created. I came up with some doozies and found a day for every stinking one.
Then I thought, fun, crafty, kids, animals, pets...again those days were created.
However I did come up with the following 3 that I could not find. If you know they are already a day please don't bust my bubble. Let me have this one, okay? Okay. Great so off we go...
National Sit On Your Ass Day
National Create A New You Day
National Dance Around In Your Underwear Day
I decided to go with Dance Around In Your Underwear Day because quite frankly when I mentioned this one my son said "gag gross" and there we have a winner folks! When you can gross out your kids, no matter how old they are, you have a winner. At least in my book. I raised all boys and grossing them out became a hobby because theirs was to scare the crap out of me at every corner turn. It was fair play.
I then decided that the title was too boring. I needed to jazz it up. Hence...
Victoria's Secret Fruit Of The Loom Party 
was born. I thought it was funny, my son rolled his eyes and my husband said, well hell let's get this party started woman! Which led to a quick exit from my son. 😃
No, I'm not posting photos of me dancing around in my drawers nor of my husband. I'd like to keep what readers I have and not run y'all off to the dr because you've been blinded.
But just think about it. Maybe you are a mom with small kids, I bet you'd give anything to have a day to yourself to just dance around in your panties or maybe a stay at home dad who is missing his bachelor days of walking around in your tightie whites or sexy bikini drawers. If you're an empty nester this might be one of the first things you did when the kids moved out.
We used to walk around that way as soon as we got home from work and most weekends but then JT moved back in and we had to stop. Not really, I mean we could have continued but he would not have appreciated it I can promise you that. We'd much rather have him here and in our pjs than where he was, worrying me sick.
So here's the gist. Today is make your own holiday day, so let's party in our underwear, dance around in our VS or FOTL, Wally World cotton special, whatever it is you have. Lock the door, draw the shades, pull the curtains, crank up the music and dance until you can't dance anymore!!

For even more entertainment, stop over to my friends blogs and see what they came up with for a holiday...I can hardly wait to see what they are celebrating.

And in honor of the party, here is a quick easy and WW friendly cupcake coming in at 2 pts per cupcake without frosting.
1 box cake mix, Pineapple Supreme by Duncan Hines
1 can crushed pineapple Drain The juice
1/2 - 3/4 cup pineapple soda or flavored water that is carbonated or Sprite
The soda makes the cake rise and gives it a lite airy feel.
24 cupcakes in a 350 degree oven for 18 minutes. ENJOY
YEP, it's that simple.


  1. I LOVE your idea (and your picture made me laugh), and of course, grossing out your kid just makes it that much better.
    Great minds think alike, I'm working on a recipe that is somewhat similar to(but definitely not the same as) yours.

    1. I had to tell JT thanks for the go ahead on the post. He was like "sure" and shook his head. Then, wait, you didn't put a picture did you? LOL

  2. I LOVE dancing in my underwear. I think this is PERFECT!!