Friday, February 15, 2019

Mexican Layered Bake and Feb 2019 FOTW

Not sure how, but it's February already. Good gracious Jan. flew by with tons of rain, wind and frigid temperatures. I'm very thankful that we did not see temps like Chicago, Grand Rapids and other areas. I mean, -51℉ in Chicago with the wind chill one day!! THAT is just mind blowing. 
Cold temperatures brings out the comfort food need in me and a bigger desire to use the oven.
This is the Feb. edition of FOTW - Fly On The Wall. A monthly publication where we, several bloggers and myself, give you a peek into our lives. The links for the other participants can be found at the end of this post. Thanks for stopping by!

Mexican Layered Bake
I used some leftovers and fresh items in this recipe.
In my small baking dish, mini casserole I guess you could say, it is approximately a 7x5 pan.
I layered three taco size white corn tortillas (OH spray the pan with no stick spray first)
Then I put down leftover chicken mixed with salsa verde and fat free refried beans. A sprinkle of cheese, a Mexican blend shred. Green chilies next.
Three more tortillas
Meat mixture - ground beef with my taco seasoning, diced mini bells and onions, cheese
Three more toritllas
Meat mixture, top with cheese, sprinkle with mini bells diced and green onions
Bake at 450℉ until heated through and cheese has melted.

My wonderful hubby bought me a new desk back in October. Part of the reason was because I wanted a secretary and this one was on sale. Then also it would keep the cat off my desk and papers. LOL see below, that's how well that worked! NOT
I stopped at a local smoke shop, at the request of my hubby. When I looked at my receipt...I thought REALLY? Did this kid make this name up or is that REALLY his name...I don't know. He was a nice polite kid, not alot of those around these days.
 The next day I stop at CVS for some vitamins. I parked, looked up and saw the sign. I looked at my son and said "seriously? What is it with the names the last few days" We have "Jesus God" which he is but people think when they name kids or is this their idea of humor? NOT trying to offend anyone. I think I'm getting old. I miss the normal old fashioned names. You know, George, Bill, Ted, Frank, Michael...
 We were getting ready to leave for the lake and I was watching hub tie the kayak to the top of his Jeep. I have only been in it once. I said, HEY do you know you have Jeep symbols all over? He said no. Then I saw it!! BIG FOOT on the back window!
 This precious little girl, she was starving. I wish I had room in my apartment but my kitties would NOT tolerate another. This baby was left my tenants in the building next to us. I could smack them! Makes me mad!! I am feeding her and trying to find her a home. She is very loving.
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  1. Thank you for saving that kitty -- how cruel people can be. Loved how your own cat knows his space on your desk -- he must regard himself as your assistant. I eat all things Mexican. Thanks for this new recipe to try

  2. Hey-O Dawn! Your Mexican bake looks delicious! I'm glad you made it through the deep freeze of January. Spring can hurry up and come any day now! Please! That kitty is beautiful. I hope she finds a forever home soon <3 Your new desk looks like it's getting a lot of love already!

  3. Your new desk is perfect but I can see where it would be a one-cat zone. I know you won't give up until you find a forever home for that adorable little kitty.