Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Jingle Jangle In Many Forms - December Photo Challenge

Jingle All The Way - theme

Welcome to the last #photoblogchal of 2019! Thank you to PJ over at A'lil HooHaa for putting these together. Visit his page to see who participates and see how you can join us if you'd like. The information can be found HERE.

Here is one of my favorite ornaments, a little bell, jingle, turned into a snowman.

As I walked around trying to find something to fit the "jingle jangle" I noticed the pile of coins on the dresser. My daddy always said he liked to have a little "jing a ling" which meant change in his pocket. So I decided to add this to my five.

 Next is a crystal bell ornament, it really goes "tink a ling" but I'm going with jingle jangle anyway.

My husband and I love thrift store shopping, you never know what you'll find. We found this lamp one Saturday just a few weeks ago, maybe a month. Anyway, it reminded me of a bell. The theme is loosely translated here. LOL

And last but definitely not least is our little brass dinner bell. My husband bought this years ago after I had been in the hospital. I wasn't supposed to get up and was weak. So he found this and brought it home, I was informed if I needed anything to give it a jingle. So that's what I did. We have used it over the years when the kids were sick, or one of us. Now it sits downstairs by the bar and I use it to call them to "tie on the feed bag" or eat dinner.

I hope you have enjoyed this months theme and will drop over at PJ's blog, A 'lil HooHaa and see the links there. You can follow each link and see how the other participants interrupted the theme.

Happy and safe New Year's Eve!!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

End of the Year/Christmas Mosaic Monday Last One for 2019

The last Mosaic Monday of 2019...I sound like a broken record but where did this year go? There have been so many changes, so many life altering events, family deaths, travel along with just life in general moving along at break neck speed.

Today I'm sharing our blessings, Christmas gifts from family and friends. I don't have a favorite because everything means something special and different to each of us.

May 2020 be a blessing, filled with love, laughter and hope for better things to come.
Be safe!!

Thank you to Angie from Ten Toes In the Water for hosting this Mosaic Monday each week.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Barking Flannel - December FF 2019

Happy TGIF and the last Funny Friday of 2019. We love these Friday challenges so much
and hope you do as well. Funny Friday is where one of our participants lends us a photo to
use. Then each one of us uses that photo as the inspiration for five captions. One
photo, five captions, several different bloggers/writers. At the end of this post you'll find
links to each of the others. Be sure to see how they decided to caption this adorable pic
submitted by Michele from Follow Me Home.
Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Michele of Follow Me Home.
1. DAD! Someone ANYone! Save me!! Mom keeps dressing me up...

2. No. No I don't think I look like a cute little elf.

3. Oh man, MOM, did you HAVE to put this on me AND take me out?!?!

4. Cough, bark, growl...oh hi Daisy, yeah, my mom dressed me too. (blushing)

5. Oh well, at least I am warm.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Mosaic Monday Mississippi Edition

We celebrated our youngest son's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one just last week. We drove to Mississippi, six hours, and spent several days.
I am so in love with Biloxi. Seriously, I could move there with no problem. Mostly because I'm a water girl. I was raised on the coast of NC and miss the water. Being land locked is NOT my favorite things. So when we travel to see our son and his family there is an added benefit of the Gulf Coast.

Besides some fantastic scenery, delicious seafood, a constant breeze, there is our youngest  grand-daughter. I'm sharing some pictures through mosaics but also some pretty funny things said while there.

Being on the Gulf coast, by the water, breeze in hair, it truly is my happy place.
There is nothing in the world like spending time with your grandchild. Three is such a fun age. She's not a baby but not a big kid, oh she thinks so. Funny, articulate with a dash of sas.
Sitting outside by the fire, she began to tell us "the legend of Pink Foot" ROTFL

On our way out of town, we all went to the mall for lunch. There is a great restaurant there, we were stuffed and decided to walk the mall a bit before driving home six hours. We passed this stand. Zoo animals for rent...on wheels! Yep, you can rent the animal of your choice and ride it around the mall. It is motorized and goes a LOT quicker than we thought. Riders from 2 and above, up to like 200 lbs can ride. But it was pricey. $11 for twenty minutes. The picture with Santa was at the restaurant. They had Santa at the front entrance, he would let you take pictures and then gave each child a gift. How cool is that?!
On the drive home we decided to go through Mobile, since we had never been. Beautiful buildings and I did not realize that Mobile has such a HUGE port (shipping area/docks), historical buildings and the largest city in Alabama. Cruise ships even leave from this city. I had no idea.
Upon arriving home, it was time to finish up shopping, wrapping and purchasing food for our Christmas. I'm excited and we may have gone a little over board. Whoops

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Strange and Funny Things - Last FOTW of 2019

Oh Thanksgiving Day our youngest son made my day. He video called me. Hayley, his daughter who is 3, said she wanted to see Grandma and call her. (After having a long bad night, my father in law passing, I really needed this pick me up.)

I said hi, she said hi and then she said, "What's your favorite color?" I said purple and she got all excited. She looked at her Daddy and said "PURPLE just like my grandma!!" He said, "Hayley, this is grandma". She was like, oh. LOL
As we were chatting, our middle son's gf son...oh man. Came in the room and was chatting away. I said "Lucas honey I'm on the phone"
Hayley says "IS THAT A KID?" I think she was shocked and insulted that there was a kid in my house.
I laughed and said yes.
She said "LEMME see the kid"
I turned the phone so she could see him and he ducked his head in his shirt. She says "I can't see HIM!" he then runs out of the room.
A year ago, two, three even ten years ago I would not have had the confidence to do this. What you ask? The above photo. Jump on a Harley. No fear, no worries, yes, there have been a ton of changes in my life the last two years.
As you see in the above photo, we had a little visitor, (possible grand to be) she was watching the kitties eating treats and kept reaching out. I said "honey don't mess with them when they are eating, after they are done you can pet them." she replies...ready for this?
"It's just so satisfying to watch cats eat."
In my head I thought, dang you're a weird little kid. She's 8! EIGHT and she's thinking it's satisfying to watch cats eat???? SMH
Above photo: I can post this because I have fat, so please don't send me hate mail or comments. But you have to admit, it's funny as crap!

Welcome to the last Fly on the Wall group post of 2019. Today you can catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house. Grab a cup of coffee, and see what's happening.
You've probably seen this shirt on Facebook or other social media but I think I need one. Karen does too! LOL Right?
Now  come on...who comes up with this stuff? IF you were in the store and saw this on the shelf, would you buy it? Would you even pick it up to inspect the ingredients? I would LOL
Saw the above on FB and had to share. No idea where it came from but this is hysterical. Madonna Meets Frosty Twins ROTFL
I'm chatting with Karen of Baking In a Tornado through messenger and I'm scrolling FB, THESE two photos pop up in an ad for Wish...I'm like WHO in their RIGHT mind buys this stuff??? AND WHO comes up with the ideas??? I sent the screenshot to her and she says "I'm starting to worry about you." I said "It was in my newsfeed. LOL Now she's really worried "what are you searching for?" I said none of these items I can assure you. Creepy
You're welcome

Okay, now to end on a not creepy but fun note. I participate in a "sock box" each year with some long time friends. So far I've received two of my boxes. I LOVE them. You find a crazy or cozy pair of socks and stuff cute fun items in them. Well, over time we have progressed to boxes. A box full of items and a pair of socks. Here are a few of my items. I ADORE the owl time and the kitty mug!!
We went to Mississippi last weekend for an early Christmas celebration. WOW nothing like a 3 year old to give you Fly material!! Ready?? Here ya go...
I had been throwing the ball for Daisy, the grandpup, yes in the house. Shhh
We had been doing this for well over 30 minutes. So I said "Okay Daisy that's enough for now."Hayley takes the ball from the dog. Walks away and puts it in a shelf. "No no. You’re done playing" I was laughing so hard. She looks at me and goes "what?"

H:How about one of us go for a car ride?
Me:Okay which one
H:How about me

Hayley put your pants on
Say please daddy

I’m going to tell you the legend of pink foot (this while sitting around the fire late our last night) and she proceeded to give us the legend. OMGosh too cute.

Big hugs upon arrival on day two. My husband picked her up and she gave him a big hug, then says...
"I like this one daddy and gramma too". Day made!

AND last but not least.
A gift to myself, a really cool tea pot I found at a thrift store, still new. Love it.
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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Until We Meet Again Jim - December Word Count

Today’s post is a writing challenge in more ways than one. Word count and his is how it works: contributing bloggers each picked a number between 12 and 74. The numbers were then assigned to other bloggers challenged with writing at least one piece (or many) using that exact number of words. Plus I added to the challenge by dedicating this to my father-in-law who recently passed.
Rest In Peace Jim, until we meet again.
At the end of this post are links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what numbers they got and how they used them. 

Jim on the left and myself on the right
The above photo is of myself and my father-in-law, on the evening of our first introduction. This was Feb. 1990. We hit if off right away. As you can tell from the photo, he loved having fun.
The above photo is my husband and his dad. Approximately 1972-74. His dad was an electrician by trade. They had been wiring a house attic and were covered in dirt and quite proud by the looks of it.

Jim passed away on November 27th at 10:30 pm. Just a few short weeks ago. We knew it was coming and thought we were prepared. We were not. This has been almost as difficult as losing my Daddy.

An electrician by trade but a pastor by calling. He pastored many churches from Georgia, Florida to Texas over his 50+ years. Father of five children, countless 'heart' kids. PawPaw of thirteen grands and fourteen great grands.

Jim, Brother Jimmy, Elder Jimmy, Dad, Daddy, husband, PawPaw or however you knew him, was one of the best men that ever walked this earth. Hundreds of folks in South Georgia, Florida, LA and TX will agree.

He was one of four boys. Bless his mama. He was a real character in school. A trouble maker, bad boy, mischief maker. Who grew into a compassionate, loving, kind hearted man and pastor for 50+ years. 

Oh yes he had faults, we all do. He wore his heart on his sleeve, was a HUGE sports fan, Georgia Dawgs and Atlanta Falcons of course. But his purple and gold Hurricanes ruled in his eyes.

Jim made up some of the craziest songs you ever heard and made the kids repeat them until to this day, even in their 50s, they know the words. Even running around the car at traffic lights.

Loved old Western movies, would cry at the drop of a hat. Loved his family fiercely with all that was in him. Loved his savior more than that and looked forward to meeting Him face to face.

The local hang out spots will miss Brother Jimmy, his stories, his hugs and his love. Johnny's , Pucketts, Hardees, KFC, the workers at Zaxby's and The Catfish House. Several of which paid their respects at his funeral.

Jim loved me as one of his own. Never did I question if he loved me. He showed it, told me 
We his family did not say good-bye, but until we meet again. In loving him and G-d, we are secure in the knowledge that one day we will see him again face to face in glory.

Your number is:
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Monday, December 16, 2019

Mosaic Monday - Christmas Edition 2019

Welcome to Mosiac Monday, it's a blog link up that I recently joined over at Ten Toes In The Water. Such a fun link.
Everyone that participates has totally different topics, vacations, wildlife, decorations, flowers, whatever their post is about, that is what makes this so much fun and unique. 
Be sure to stop by and visit, you'll see my link there are well.

Are y'all ready? Christmas is almost here! OMGosh I can't believe it. 2019 like every year here of late has flown by. So much so that I'm pressed to even remember some months and what happened.
Time to go back to journaling so I can keep up with my own life.
 Christmas tree and various ornaments. I love our little tree and as you can tell I love owls as well.

Speaking of owls, a friend sent me the cutest little kitchen timer! It's an owl!! Along with a box full of other goodies. So sweet.
I'm sure you've seen the large snowflakes made from plastic hangers. I decided I wanted to make them and hang outside. Well I used kid hangers and they are still huge but I'm seriously in love with them. I sprayed them with clear coat and sprinkled extra fine glitter dust, which you can not see. Oh well

Friday, December 13, 2019

Road Trip With Miss Sassy Pants - UYW Dec

Today’s post is a writing challenge. The last one of 2019, well the last UYW for this year. You know how it works: participating bloggers send 4 – 6 words or short phrases to Karen for someone else to craft into a post. We then use All words at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now. So join with us as we visit each other and see who and how our words were used. Fun right? If you are a writer/blogger and would like to join us, contact Karen over at Baking In A Tornado. She'd be more than happy to  give you details and sign you up.
When I saw my words I immediately wished I lived closer to Miss Sassy Pants, who by the way is 9 going on 35 right now. However, I am now nine hours away from her so this little bit is part fiction and part fact. Facts being words and phrases she has said to me. Lawdy that child! So here we go. Thanks Rena for the words.

Sitting at the house waiting on everyone to get ready so we can go to dinner, Miss Sassy Pants is getting beyond impatient, pacing and saying "COME ON y'all I'm starving to death in here" while five people try to get ready in one bathroom with two dogs and two cats getting in the way.

Miss Sassy Pants as y'all may remember is my granddaughter. She is just as sassy if not more so than when she was a wee little lassie. 

She now has gotten bored and turned the TV and is blasting Brittney Spears music video, my DIL is so proud. Me, not so much. I suggest cartoons and get the eye roll. and "Ugh, gramma, are you kidding, do I look 2?"
Well excuuuuse me!

Finally I said, "we'll meet you at the restaurant" and told MSP to come one. Boy she ran out of the house so fast she about took the paint off the walls with her.

We get in the Jeep and she yells "ROAD TRIP"!!! I'm laughing, girl what do you know about a road trip? she smiles "oh I KNOW about road trips" nodding her head and looking all impish. Lawdy here we go.

I crank it up and before I even get it in reverse, she has taken over the radio dial and is blasting some hip hop stuff and bouncing in the seat next to me. My eye roll time. Oh lawdy help me, I'm getting old. This music has GOT to go.

We are cruising through down toward the river and pass the Sonic. I smiled and a small tear slipped out.

"Gramma what's wrong?" She affectionately touches my arm. "Oh I was just thinking about my Daddy that's all." She says "Granddaddy that's buried over by my house?" Geez umm yes. She shrugs and says "whut?" Nothing honey. "Well, what about Sonic". I said, "oh, he loved their cheese coney, it was one of his favorite things but he liked the foot long version." She starts a giggling fit. "cheese coney What The Heck is that?"
"Okay girl watch your mouth, a cheese coney is a hot dog with cheese."
"Then why is it called a coney?"

"Coney refers to the type of hot dog, frankfurter or wiener, whichever you want to call it." The last part of that sentence could not be heard because once I said wiener, she went totally hysterical. Laughing, slapping her knee and saying "you said wiener!". OMGosh child please. YES a wiener, as in hot dog. Don't be nasty! No need for a history lesson on coney's because she can't hear a thing for laughing so hard. Now I'm laughing and trying to drive.

"Okay giggle box, forget the cheese coney and let's stop at the park and take a walk by the river before we meet everyone for dinner."

Your words are:
music ~ granddaughter ~ road ~ cheese coney ~ cartoons
At the end of this post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them. 
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Chocolate Espresso Frozen Pie - Chocolate The Ultimate Covering - Dec poetry

Hi and welcome to the last poetry post of 2019! WHAT? In a few short weeks or the blink of an eye it will be twenty twenty. 2020. Not sure how 2019 has gone by so stinking fast but it sure has.
Anywho...back to poetry. This month our theme is "chocolate the ultimate covering" and man oh man is it ever. You can dip fruit, bread, cookies, fingers, bacon, chips, just about anything in chocolate.
So here we go...remember the other links are at the bottom of the post. THANK YOU for stopping by today and each time this past year. It is much appreciated.

Dear Chocolate Lover

My heart goes out to you
my tummy yearns for you
my thighs show your abuse
but oh how I love you

You're sinful, decadent and slick
disguising yourself is a trick
you come in many forms
all of which I adore

White, milk, dark
chips, chunks, bars
liquid, powder and more
Oh how I want you s'more

The doctor said to give you up
is he kidding? HOW
or enjoy you with a glass of milk
so thinking of  purchasing a cow

Oh My Dear Chocolate Lover

now to get a slice of pie
with chocolate, espresso OH MY
And Bailey's? Why yes
Booze it up and pass it around

I'm not a poet and I know it
But what fun it would be
to have a chocolate tree!

Okay y'all. It makes no sense but since when do I ? I'm known for being random and that's probably as random as I'll get today.
Be sure to visit Karen, Diane and Lydia to read 'real' poetry, prose and verse.

But before you go, have a look see at the pie! OH MY! Yes, I did another cold brew and changed it up a tad. The first one you can find HERE

Cold Brew - Chocolate Espresso Frozen Pie
1 package Sugar Free chocolate pudding
3/4 cup concentrated cold brew (you could make your own. This is unsweetened)
1/2 cup Reduced fat Hood Milk * you could use Almond milk for less but I can't
8 oz. container light whipped topping
2 heaping tsp Espresso Powder
a mini bottle or shot of Bailey's Espresso CreamGraham cracker crust

Why add the Bailey's? Well, why not? Because of the alcohol the pie did not freeze as hard which was great and it had less ice crystals. Another benefit. The Bailey's espresso cream...oh my gosh! SOOO yummy, great by itself and I rarely drink alcohol especially by itself. I'm a fruity mixed tropical drink kinda gal.

Mix the cold brew, espresso powder, milk and Bailey's. Add in the pudding. Mix well. Fold in the whipped topping and pour into a pie crust. Freeze for 4 hours or over night. ENJOY!


Monday, December 9, 2019

Sugar Free Orange Cheesecake - Gifts From The Heart BWF

Blog With Friends
Gifts From the Heart, Sharing is caring

I really struggled with this theme and what to do. A recipe? A craft? A list of great gift ideas? Ultimately this is what I came up with.

Gifts from the heart, are just that. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it came from your heart. It could be a craft, a dessert, cookies, a card, scarf, as long as you sent it because you love that person and were thinking of them. It is from the heart.

I'd like to think all mine are from the heart but sometimes circumstances dictate and they are obligations. I don't like feeling obligated. I don't like not knowing a person and feeling trapped into a gift giving situation. For instances at work, everyone is buying gifts. What if I just started? What if it is truly not in my budget to have a "limit of $30" for a gift? These situations bring on guilt, stress and anxiety. There are enough pressures during the holiday without adding to it.

Gift giving, no matter the type, is something that I dearly enjoy. The thrill of the hunt, the anticipation, seeing them open it and the joy that it brings. My heart fills up and creates a feeling that I was given the gift because in a sense I was.

Recently I've been gifting myself, sounds selfish? No, it's not. Let me explain. I have been gifting myself the gift of kindness. Being kind to myself in the respect of no more negative self talk, no longer putting myself down or beating myself up over things from the past. The gift of giving health to myself, eating better, exercising, taking restful moments, enjoying life and my journey. This is the greatest gift I've ever given myself and it has taken a lot of growth and self discovery to get here. I am thankful to WW for this journey, my accountability ladies, I couldn't do it without ya! The encouragement and cheers from people I've never met. It's amazing. A gift from the heart...cheering on others, straightening their crowns instead of putting them down and criticizing. My WW community is inspiring, amazing, encouraging, just absolutely freaking the bomb diggity!! 

And what else have I given myself? The gift of creativity. I started crafting again and oh my gosh I enjoy it so much!! Did you see the snow globes that Minette and I made? How about my front door scarecrow? That's another gift. Gratitude!!

Of course I'm gifting my family this holiday season. Christmas will not be as big this year in terms of packages, but it will be filled with love, joy and lots of laughs!

I have been busy shopping for the grandkids and adult kids but that is way more difficult. Baking cookies, that I'll be sharing soon, decorating for the holidays (which is something I've always enjoyed) and yes crafting. That will also be shared soon.

However, for today, here is one of the latest four pies that has been created in our kitchen. No you didn't read that wrong, I said four. Oh my! It has been a busy time. Creating desserts that my family and friends will enjoy but also that won't break my WW point bank for the day.

This recipe is not mine, so I will give you her link but will tell you the adjustments that I made.
Why am I sharing someone else's recipe? Sharing is caring, a gift from my heart because she is a huge encourager and great ww lady that's why. Thank you Linds.

The Pound Dropper plain Jane cheesecake. Here's the link and below is what I did.

I used NuNaturals Tagaose instead of Monkfruit because it's what I have on hand.
This is not zero points because I used a 9 inch graham cracker crust, so no crust makes it zero points.
I used orange extract in mine, because (not sure how it happened) but I was out of vanilla.
In our oven it took 40 minutes to bake.
Served with sugar free whipped topping.
The beauty of it, no one knew it was sugar free or ww friendly until AFTER they ate it.

My son's girlfriend's daughter told me "this cheesecake is DEEElicious!" she cleaned her plate. Her little brother was eye balling her cheesecake because he ate his so fast, she said "oh no you don't you had yours". LOL

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