Friday, December 21, 2018

Cherry Bourbon Glazed Pork and FOTW

It's almost Christmas y'all!!! Are you ready? Gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree? Cards sent out? Baking done? House cleaned for guest arriving any day now? NO?? What are you waiting on?
We will not be going anywhere this year for Christmas but my oldest (adopted son) will be joining us. First time in...gosh no idea. We will go to my husband's sister's house on the 22nd. Jesse's birthday is the 23rd and then it's Christmas. However, like every year since he was born. We celebrated Jesse's birthday early. This way he doesn't feel jipped on Christmas. We actually went out on the 15th. He enjoyed one of his favorites...sushi. eww but it wasn't my birthday.
PS: This is the last issue of FOTW for 2018. No worries, it will be here in 2019. The third Friday of each month.
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We went to MS for Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with our youngest son, his family, our oldest went with us. We really enjoyed our time and fell in love with the Gulf Coast, especially the shrimp!

My darling husband purchased new iPhones for us. That also meant that our son got D old phone. Also, new numbers for Jesse and myself. 
So my son is at work, he sends me a text...let me know when you're here. I replied that his dad was picking him up. Next I get a text photo. LOL a screen shot from my son.
J:Text me when you're here
D:Who is this?
J: Your son
D: Oh, I'm outside

My wonderfully talented hubby recovered my office chair.

Sad conversation at our house...
Me: Where's the remote?
D: I don't know
Me: Are you sitting on it?
D: What? No
Me: Stand up
D: ARE YOU kidding?
Me: No
D: grunt, huff and puff... See no remote
Me: get up walk across the room
D: looking for this (holds up the remote)
Me: where was it?
D: where YOU were sitting
Me: oh
D: laughs
Me: hush!

I watched Michael Symon make this dish on The Chew before it went off the air. I saw the episode last year. I decided then and there I was making that and I did, like a couple of days later. How in the world I have forgotten to post this I don't know. BUT it would make a lovely Christmas dinner! I might just do that.
I did not do a rake of pork like he did, instead I did boneless center thick cut chops. A little salt and fresh cracked pepper, pan sauteed in butter, the sauce on top, green beans, some bread, Mmm! Dang it was good.
Here is the glaze recipe as I did it.

Cherry whiskey/bourbon glaze
1 cup bourbon (or your favorite whiskey)
1 orange, juiced and 2 peels reserved
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 TBSP sugar
2 cups cherries pitted, I found mine at Aldi in a jar, no sugar but you could use fresh
1 TBSP unsalted butter
salt and fresh cracked pepper
In a small sauce pot over medium heat, add bourbon, orange juice and peel, vinegar, and sugar. Cook about 10 minutes. add cherries, salt and pepper. Cook until cherries are tender and the sauce thickens so about 20 minutes. Throw peel out and stir in butter. Pour over your pork roast or chops whichever you choose to top. Last drizzle with a little good quality olive oil.
BAM! Delicious 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  1. Your new chair is beautiful! And you had me at bourbon (but you knew that).

  2. Your Thanksgiving trip looks so fun and that recipe sounds delicious!