Monday, October 8, 2018

Cat Poop -Spooky and Fun - BWF

Spooky and Fun...well I'm not into spooky but who doesn't love fun, right? Some might say this is gross not fun but I thought it was fun over ten years ago and still do.
Wait, ten years ago? Gosh, it was about 11 years ago and my boys were in youth group at church. Me being who I am, I was there helping out, bringing food, hauling a bunch of sweaty smelly boys around and jamming out to music. Yep, I was that mom. So it was early Fall and the weather had turned cooler with a wonderful crispness in the evening air. The youth were having a bon fire/cook out. Complete with their own version of competitive  gross games. We parents were asked to help provide food. As luck would have it, I was asked to help with desserts.
Since I knew the games were "slimy" because it was October, I thought why not make a gross slimy dessert. I told my boys what I wanted to do and Jesse was totally on board, Joey however thought it was gross and disgusting, I said PERFECT that's exactly what I was going for.
AND this is how the cat litter box dessert was born.
When I arrived, early so the kids would not see it coming, I snuck over to the picnic table and placed an extra large cat litter box firmly in the center, (it was new and clean) along with a litter poop scooper. Jesse laughed, Joey cringed and I stood by and watched as the unsuspecting guest arrived.
The girls squealed and moved away, the boys were like ugh who put cat litter on the food table. I will admit that one was WAY better and realistic than this one and I so wish I had pictures. But that was back in the day before cell phone cameras and I didn't carry my camera that night, well because it was night and I knew the photos would not turn out.
Jesse broke the ice, he walked over, took a turd out and ate it. The girls screamed, the boys were like "DUDE!" and the parents looked on in disgust. After a few bites, I confessed it was a dessert and perfectly okay. The parents still thought I was weird and my kids even weirder but we didn't care. It was fun.
The games were totally gross and I made the boys hose off before allowing them in my car!
So if you have an upcoming party with kids , a Halloween themed party or wait until April Fool's this is a fun, easy and delicious dessert.

Cat Litter Dessert
1 large box instant pudding, I used banana but you could use vanilla or white chocolate
1 family size package of Golden Oreo
10-20 Tootsie rolls, roll and shape
3 cups milk
Prepare the pudding in a large bowl, set aside. Crush the Oreo's in a food processor or in a large zip top bag. Mix half in the pudding, spread in the litter box, sprinkle the remaining on top.
shape the rolls into little turds and roll in the cookies, bury in the pudding to form the "dirty box"
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  1. This is just hilarious. I'm struggling to look at it, but it's so awesome. I think my kids would love this as well!!

  2. Totally wish I had heard of this when my boys were little, it's perfect for Halloween. And I love the story!

  3. My grandkids will love this! Doing it . . .