Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Everything Bacon

We love bacon and I mean love it. We were sitting around one night talking about different recipes and I said I wanted to stuff some jalapenos and wrap them with bacon well of course hubby was all for that. But I went just a tad farther.
I wrapped from fresh carrots and drizzled them with maple syrup, sprinkled them with fresh cracked black pepper and roasted them with the peppers! OMGosh talk about good.

For the peppers I used bulk breakfast sausage, you know like Jimmy Dean or Smithfield, whatever you prefer. I cut the jalapenos in half, seeded them and sprinkled shredded cheese on one side, then filled the other side with sausage (that I had already cooked and drained the fat off of). Then I wrapped bacon around them. I used sweet salad peppers for myself. I can do more heat than I used to could but these little green bombs were packing heat. I could feel it in my fingers and smell them, so I decided to forego the emergency room trip for now.
Aren't they beautiful? But the bacon will shrink and once cooked, not very pretty. But tasty and that's all that matters!
You could do this on the grill for the fourth!

Y'all be careful while traveling, don't text and drive and please PLEASE if you are playing with fireworks be careful.

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