Monday, July 9, 2018

Buffalo Chicken Celery/Anti-Boredom - BWF - July

Anti-Boredom, what a theme. Who's bored? Not me. I have 3 cats and a 4 month old puppy to care for. Add to that the responsibilities of running a home, blog, business, paying bills, keeping up with my adult kids and grand-kids and trying to come up with new recipes/blog ideas.

Welcome to the July Blog With Friends...each month we chose a theme and each blogger puts their own twist or interpretation on it. At the bottom of this post you will find photos of their project and links to their pages.

BUT...I do get bored. There is always something to do and I just don't want to. I'm bored. I don't want to cook, clean, pay bills, walk the dog, clean the litter box or a multitude of other things that NEED doing. Why am I bored then? Companionship or lack of, that is when the boredom hits. When my husband has been at work for 8 hours and it's going to be a late night. I have no friends that live within 4 hours of me, no family within 4-9 hours of me and essentially no one to have an actual physical conversation with. THAT is when I feel bored, lonely, alone and restless.
So what to do then? Go for a walk, get some sunshine, exercise, drive to DD for some coffee, take the dog to the park, go to the farmers market for recipe ideas. These are just a few things I do.
How about you? Do you have an anti-boredom strategy? Do you get bored?
I know when I was growing up, boredom was NOT an option especially during summer break. We had entirely too much to do to be bored. Breakfast, then dishes, get dressed, weed the garden, pick the vegetables, slop the hogs, feed chickens, wash clothes, hand them on the line, sweep, mop, vacuum, clean the bathroom and dust AND all this was done before lunch. After lunch had been eaten and cleaned up, then we took in the laundry, folded, put it away, peeled tomatoes, shucked corn, shelled peas, had a coke while watching the afternoon soaps then it was time to get supper started. My mom believed in keeping me busy.
I think that is the problem today. We have so many things to occupy our time and mind that when we do have down time, we are lost. Boredom hits very quickly due to our minds being accustomed to the constant barrage of technology. Kids especially. They can't play along, go outside or sit silently in a room. They think they "need" to be playing a video game or being entertained. Gone are the innocent days or running around outside barefooted through the grass all summer and drinking water out of a hose.
I watch my grand-kids and it makes me so sad. Even the two year old, she has to have the DVD going all the time and her mom is constantly changing the video from one to another to keep her interest. The four year old is the same and oh man then talk about the eight year old, well she thinks you need to giver her your undivided attention every second she is awake or give her your phone. No way! The other ones have their noses in their tablets, iPad, phones or some other electronic device.
Heaven forbid any of us sit down and enjoy each others company, have a conversation or just "be". Oh the horror if it is even suggested.
The older I get the more content I am to just sit, read, watch a movie, listen to the breeze blow, watch the clouds, listen to music and do absolutely nothing. Sound boring? It's not.
The boredom comes from lack of human interaction.
So for this long winded post, I'll also share with you this. A simple recipe you can toss together anytime you're bored and have the munchies BUT it will not blow your appetite for dinner later, nor will it fill you with unnecessary sugar, carbs or processed food.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Celery
using leftover chicken, rotisserie chicken or even canned chicken
1-2 cups of chicken, shredded, diced, chopped whichever you prefer
1-2 TBSP mayo (I used 1 because I had 1 cup of chicken)
Hot sauce or buffalo sauce to your desired taste (I used 5 tsp)
Mix it all together and stuff into celery sticks. I cut mine in 3 inch lengths. Perfect for snacking.


  1. We love all things Buffalo in this house. I always buy too much celery and need an idea to use it. This is awesome!

  2. This looks delicious, love the idea of using leftovers (I used them in my post today too) but your use of celery is genius!

  3. That sounds yummy! Too bad I live even further away, so I can't drop in, have a one on one conversation with you and enjoy those snacks.

    What you're describing about your grandkids worries me. I mean I like my screen time, and God knows my son does, too, but there are limits, and we need to be able to keep ourselves busy doing other things!