Friday, June 8, 2018

Pina Colada Oreo Cupcakes

Guess what y'all...

That's right! Today is my birthday!! WOOT PAARTAY...BOOM
Can you tell I'm excited?

Here's how today is going to go, after getting up and getting dressed I will take Tucker to the vet/boarding where he will stay until tomorrow. I will then head to my favorite place, yep, Dunkin' Donut and get my iced coffee with mocha. Mmm just thinking about it makes my mouth water...okay. Then I will either sit under the umbrella outside or drive over to the park. Sit at a table in the shade and enjoy my coffee. Next will be the mall, Macy's to be exact, where I hope to find something nice to wear out to dinner tonight. If I don't find anything there I'll browse around the mall and head over to Cato, my other favorite place. Most likely it will be lunch time at this point. I'll grab a bite and meet my hubby. Then after lunch it will be errands. Renew my tags on my car, get a haircut (first one in six months oh yeah I'm way over due for a trim) grocery shopping and then home. I'll rest up a bit and then shower and change for an evening out with my wonderful handsome husband. We are going to a new place, a Colombian restaurant. 
It might not sound fantastic to anyone else, but it's my day and this is what I have planned and am very excited about.

In celebration of my birthday and because I love Pina Colada's , these fabulous cupcakes are my newest creation.

When I saw the new Oreo cookies for the summer, Cherry Cola and Pina Colada, I immediately thought about cupcakes. (there is also kettle corn but yuck)

I love putting Oreo's in cupcakes. Have you seen the ones I did several years ago? No, well you can check out the recipe HERE.
Here's what they look like. Mmm

So anyway I knew I needed to make a new version of my cupcake using one of the new flavors, but which one first. It was a hard decision but I went with PC first and I was NOT disappointed, except that the cookies are THIN not regular Oreo. Ugh..oh well, it still worked but with thin cookies and not as many in a package I had to modify my original recipe just a tad. The cherry cola are regular size cookies, that's next. Oooh boy!

Pina Colada Oreo Cupcakes
1 pkg of Pina Colada
1 white cake mix
1 container of whipped white frosting
1/2 cup coconut
1/2 cup finely diced fresh pineapple
Mix cake mix according to box instructions, then add the coconut and pineapple. Crush 8 Oreo's and add to the batter. Place one Oreo in the bottom of each liner. Scoop into cupcake liners, 24, and bake according to the box. I also added a little coconut and a few crushed Oreo's in to the frosting. Bake, allow to cool. Frost and add 1/2 of a cookie for decoration or not.

I'm not a decorator of cakes so I found this one online. I thought it was lovely.

 Making a wish but I can't share or it won't come true, or so they say. I think we make our own wishes and dreams come true.
 Have a great day, I plan on it.

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