Friday, May 18, 2018

Dark Cherry NO BAKE cheesecake with chocolate and almonds - FOTW

Okay it's official. I have lost my mind. Why you ask? Well, because I caved in. I gave to the power of cute puppy. OhMyGoodness...with Spring comes babies, both human and animal. Everyone has been posting adorable photos. My husband was wanting a dog. Okay, dog. I'm good with that. Oh no...not a dog, we got a puppy. A 5 week old puppy to be precise. Well, now he's 11 weeks. He's a mix, a Heinz 57 well not really. His mom is a registered papered German Shepherd and his dad is a black lab. Here he is, Tucker.
This photo was taken when we picked him up in SC. What a teeny tiny cutie. Now the next picture, this is him currently.
He went from 6 lbs to almost 25!
I'm thinking about signing him up for the 2019 Kentucky Derby! AND buying stock in the dog food company because lord knows this chow hound can put it away!!

Just so you'll know, YES, I still have all 3 kitties. THEY are NOT happy. At all. But they will adjust, just like he will. Some times I wonder if I'll survive all the hissing, growling, barking and slapping that goes on but we get by one day at a time.

I love cheesecake and yes, it can be KETO or LOW CARB friendly. I'll share each way so you can be low carb or full sugar.
So, I was having a sweet attack. Now if you do low carb or keto you know, that a sweet attack happens after you have consumed refined sugar or a ton of carbs. Well, I had 3 days in a row where I ate bread. So my body was craving more. You either give in to the cravings, which I sooo wanted to do or you come up with something to satisfy the craving without killing you with sugar.
I created this delicious low carb no bake cheesecake.
Racking my brain trying to come up with a recipe, I thought ooh cheesecake would be good AND it is easy to make keto. I've done it  before. See HERE
Looking in my fridge I see a strawberry cream cheese spread and an almond one. I said oooh what if I combine them for a cheesecake. Upon opening them I see that my husband has eaten most of it. Okay, now what. Opening the drawer I see a block of good old fat cream cheese and then I spy the big jar of dark red cherries! BINGO! Now we're cooking with gas! I also have a small 16 oz carton of heavy whipping cream. Ooh baby come to mama!
Here ya go! Doesn't that look heavenly?

1 block cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar (now if you are KETO or low carb, use the Swerve powdered sugar)
1 cup dark red cherries and 1/4 cup of the juice (mince - I used my ninja)
1 cup heavy whipping cream
Now the cream cheese needs to at room temperature, then whip it and the powdered sugar on high until fluffy. Now slowly add in the whipping cream. Once it is thick and glorious stir in the chopped cherries. Pour this into a spring form pan, I made a graham cracker crust. Top with a few almonds and drizzle with chocolate. BAM there ya go!

We went last month and saw the boys! YAY and my littlest grand daughter. I can't believe how much she's grown. She's not interested in being held, she wants to do it all by herself and is go go go from the time her feet hit the floor. Still a very happy child and precious. It was a very short visit but so nice. My husband had not seen our youngest in 4 years, he had never seen the baby and he had not seen our oldest in over a year. I had just gotten a new phone and had not had time to set it up, so I only managed a few photos. Which saddens me but I have memories.

Tucker keeps me busy and we do a lot of traveling. Mostly weekend trips but I love it.

Just last week we had one afternoon hit 89 degrees. No big deal, it's the South however, Tucker thought it was a big deal. He was panting and rolling on the tile. He wanted to go out but every time we did, he'd run back for the door. I was tired and not wanting to deal with it. So what did I do...something crazy. I took him in the bathroom, put him in the tub and turned the water on a low drizzle. He went NUTS! Biting at the water, jumping around, flipping, he was having the time of his life. AND since the water was on so low, it was very little splatter. I let him have at it until he was ready to get out. I toweled him off, gave him a treat for being a good boy and off to his bed he went for a two hour nap...hmm this might become a regular thing.
Or I might have created a monster.

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  1. At first I couldn't believe you'd actually gotten a puppy, but then I saw his beautiful face . . . I know he's a lot of work but I also know he will bring you much love!

    1. I can't believe I got a puppy either! WHAT was I thinking. But hopefully after training he'll be a great dog.

  2. I almost burst into tears seeing your puppy. He looks just like my Sadies who we lost a year ago. You will have sooooooo much fun. They bring such love and joy into a home. Your dessert made my mouth water and it's so simple

    1. I'm so sorry Carol. Our pets are family and we lost our golden many years ago but I still miss him. He was the BEST dog ever. Then Dixie was 4 years ago. They were very loved and are very missed.

  3. OMG YOU HAVE A PUPPY!!!! Ours is 1 1/2 now but still a "puppy." Yours is adorable!