Monday, February 19, 2018

Keto Ground Beef n Broccoli Stirfry

It was near payday and I was running low on groceries and ideas. Yes, I could have gone to the store but I like to use what I have. So looking in the freezer I took out a package of ground beef. So many things can be done with this. I really was craving Chinese food but refused to order. I mean, it's not very Keto friendly and I didn't need to spend the money when I had food available. Yes I will talk myself out of most anything.
I looked around and saw I had some broccoli, hmm that needed to be cooked before it went bad. What if...did I dare? I mean, ground beef and broccoli stir fry? Nothing else? No carrots, no slices of tender steak or chicken? What they heck.
So I sauteed the beef in my trusty cast iron skillet that yes I use for most everything. Then I added some fresh garlic and fresh cracked pepper. Stirred it around a bit, the a few dashes of soy sauce, okay maybe more than a few, tossed in the chopped broccoli florets and let it all meld together.
That was it. Quick, simple and to my pleasure it was a delicious surprise. No fuss, no mess and no waste. Frugal and keto to boot.

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  1. Using up what I have around the house always makes me feel good, but coming up with something new with the ingredients is the cherry on the cake (so to speak). Recipe looks delish, as usual.