Monday, February 5, 2018

Chocolate Walnut Gooey Snowflake Cake - Blog With Friends Feb2018

Welcome to the February edition of Blog With Friends, a group participation where several of us get together and create recipes, crafts, DIY projects and writing about the same subject. One subject/theme with several takes. This month we chose "Winter Activities" perfect considering most of us have been hit more than once with snow, ice and severe cold temperatures.
As you know, I've been doing keto since last July but my husband is not. He is a real dessert person, which I have been my entire adult life, so I decided to bake on a very cold wintery afternoon. That was my activity. Baking. It warms up the house without having to raise the thermostat which in turn raises the electric bill. AND it gives us a delicious smelling home and a treat after dinner.
However, on this particular afternoon, it did everything but give us a treat!
I had to laugh. Karen and I had just had a conversation about how she struggles to perfect her recipes and I never do. I come up with an idea, gather what I need, bake or cook and BAM we have it. Delicious and done. Well, the joke was on me this day. Because I did all those things, but BAM we had a dessert but honey let me tell you it was far from delicious. As a matter of fact it was so far that I'm not even giving you a recipe. That's right.
I will however, attempt it again. But baking keto is a tricky thing. It was so bad I even made a glaze to go over the top. I swear even using regular powdered sugar on top didn't help the taste. YUCK, the entire thing went straight into the trash.
I stood there, shook, shocked and saddened. Than I laughed and said, well this will be an interesting blog post. Humility. That's really what this post is about. Never think you "have it all together" because weather, kids, pets and baking will prove you wrong given the chance.
So be sure and stop over at the other links, listed below, and see what their take on "winter activities" is. I hope whoever is doing a recipe had a better experience than I did.
#bakingfail #adoseofhumility 

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  1. Laughing WITH you, not at you. I hope you don't think I jinxed you!
    Looking forward to what you come up with when you perfect this one.

  2. Can't wait to see what you do to make it not YUK...........<3