Friday, January 19, 2018

Easy Keto meals, moving, cats and a Professional WHAT? FOTW

Keto is probably one of the easiest ways to eat, unless you are a carboholic, then it's the toughest. Honestly it's not the carbs I miss, it's the sugar. Yeah, sugar, white glittering granules of sweetness. Mmmm oh sorry, I digress. (cheesy grin)
A nice omelet filled with veggies and cheese, some sausage, bacon, a naked burger aka bunless, bacon, faux mashed potatoes, bacon, did I mention bacon?
Wrap bacon around a hot dog and cook in a skillet, how hard is that? Not at all! How good is that? DEElicious!
Sauteed smoked sausage with onions and mushrooms, deviled eggs and cauliflower hashbrowns

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 4 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes.(their links are at the end) Come on in and buzz around my house.
We had just gone to bed. My husband looks at me and says “ hey I need to ask you a serious question “
Crap is my thought. Okay
He says in a very serious tone “ have you been watching planet earth when I’m at work?”
Umm yeah on tv. Did you know there’s the BBC and Disney versions?
Uh no and who said you could watch it without me?
Yeah we’re weird. 
On our most recent move, 18 days ago, my husband split his finger (to the bone I might add) and we had to spend a few hours at the ER. While waiting, I was walking up and down a hallway, when I look over and did a double take. Yes, you had one job to do...poor maintenance, they hung the door upside down.

I hear a noise, go in the bathroom and find Beau in the tub. What in the world? Silly kitty. I walk out, Sugar is having a fit. Yes I say, I know Beau is in the tub. Sugar keeps meowing. I turn around, now he's on the vanity. ??? Strange behaviour even for Beau. Sugar, still meowing, now Beau is in the sink. I give in, go give him water. Now all is well in the Universe. LOL

 It took a year, well almost, Feb 4th would be a year, but on Jan. 16th I had my hair trimmed. Last Feb. it was touching my shoulder. Now WAY down my back. Not the best photos I have ever taken, but I'm real, it's me, take it. LOL Feels so much better!
 I'm surfing FB, the online yard sale group, in my new city...I stop. Rub my eyes. Look again. Yep I read that correctly the first time.
A Professional Mourner! Woo...I know we're busy people, but come on! Yes, I've heard of these, many years ago, my grandmother spoke of this lady she didn't care for, her job...a professional mourner and it horrified my grandmother to no end. It wasn't proper. Well, I guess she rolling over now! 

My husband stood up to go to the bathroom and something fell in the floor. What is that? and I didn’t have my glasses on. He bent over picked it up and said it’s my teeth and stuck it in his pocket and walked back out of the room. I cracked up laughing you hillbilly! 

He finally had a weekend off, not on call, first one in 7 weeks. So we ventured out to the mall. OMGosh...they had a classical pianist playing in the main store and it was being broadcasted to the parking lot. I was impressed.
Once in the mall, at Sephora, there is a DJ in the window spinning jams. WOW this mall is HUGE...
So much has happened since last month. Another move, 2 snows, I'm now volunteering with a no kill animal shelter and more. I'll fill you in next month. Be sure to visit the others!
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  1. Love your hair long, are you going to keep growing it?
    Can't stop laughing at that door hung upside down.

  2. I was thinking about you - having to do another move. We have to do it this month and I am dreading it. Still no place to move to!!!! Your hair is so pretty. And the teeth comment - hilarious.