Friday, December 22, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Moving Boxes - FOTW December

It's almost time!!! I'm probably the most excited I've been in well, okay since last year when I was able to travel to Texas to see my youngest son and his family for an early Christmas. But YES Christmas will be extra special this year.
So MERRY CHRISTMAS from me and my hubby!

Hiking and moving, hiking and moving. That's what I've been doing. How about you?

Welcome to the last edition of Fly On The Wall for 2017. Man this year went by in a blur. Be sure to visit all the others and see what they've been up to this month.

Living in my new home of GA, the altitude is higher, the temperature is lower and the roads are MUCH busier. My pet peeve? People who do NOT give a signal when they plan to turn. UGH!

My friend Eva posted this when she was visiting in SD...

Beau thinks he's hiding. So cute.

My cousin's grandson said to me "Dawn, why did the cow use a bell? Because it's horns is broke!" He is so cute and at 5 thinks he's the newest comedian. He is always telling jokes, some are funny, some are.. well, he's five.

I saw this craft on a FB group I'm in. I love it and it is purr-fect for my home! I need to make one.

 My poor poor kitties, they have such a rough neglected life, NOT. Laying around doing nothing all day. ahh the life. 
 My Lily girl. She does love her Daddy.
Oh middle son, our oldest, turns 26 tomorrow! Time flies y'all, so if you have small kids, don't blink because you'll have grandkids.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh moving boxes, what? That's not how the song goes? You're right, but it does for me. Yep, moving again. On the 27th, yes, two days after Christmas. So I've been enjoying my tree because the day after Christmas it will come down. I have a few things packed. Well, both offices, the curio cabinet, book shelves, movies, dvds, some kitchen items I rarely use but are a must keep, summer clothes...still so much to do. AACCKKKKKK

I miss work, I miss my passengers, I miss driving everyday, I miss my sons and Miss Sassy Pants and the water. I miss the water. BUT...I love my life. yes I can miss all of those people and things and still be happy. 

We had a ton of snow earlier, yes a ton for Georgia, it's the South ya know. We had 6-9 inches depending on where you were in town. It was beautiful, but a mess.

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays and whatever else you celebrate or don't. May you enjoy each and every day!
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  1. That sign in SD is awesome! Love the kitty pictures too. Merry Christmas and good luck with the move!

  2. I love that you're this happy. I know you'll have a merry Christmas even if the tree does have to come down the day after. Hope to see lots of pics.

    1. I know it's hard to believe with the hundreds of photos I post on my FB every week but I hold back! LOL yes lots and lots of pics never get published for all to see. LOL but I'll gladly share with you :)

  3. Pic of kitty tail made me laugh. WOW - so many changes but happy to hear that will bring a new life with new memories. The things you miss now will be replaced with new favorites.