Monday, December 11, 2017

Celebrate - life, love, home (a Blog With Friends post)

Welcome to this month's Blog With Friends post. A group post where we as bloggers share our take on a theme. Each month the theme is different, this one is Celebrate.

Celebrate...I have so much to celebrate. Moving, a new life, new love, new lease on life, a husband (yes I got married last month) children who are grown with busy lives and doing well, grandchildren whom I love dearly, see the list goes on and on. 
However, when I thought about the theme celebrate, I thought LIFE, LOVE, FAMILY, HOME. These are the things that make me smile, that give me breath, that make each and every one of my days happy and full.
Do I sound love sick? Maybe. But it's the best kind of sick and I'll take it over anything else. (Especially since I've been down in the bed sick for almost 2 weeks now.)

Like I said, I was married last month to my soulmate and best friend. We are starting a new life. My family is complete. We have a new home. I celebrate those each and everyday. Now with the holidays approaching, we are about to celebrate those as well. New traditions, new memories, new ways to celebrate that make US happy and that celebrate us and our new life.

Also, having moved 3 times in the last 3 months, yes you read that correctly. That's another who post, or might be, I need to decorate. I wanted it to celebrate US, our taste, our live, our love, not just what I like and what I want to look at.

We have a mantel and fireplace, which I LOVE. Having several things to place on it is not a problem, but I wanted something different. Something unique, guessed it. US.

My plan was to decorate the mantel but I changed my mind. LOL I can do that ya' know. So I decided to make the same thing, but different color and place it in the bedroom. Since I have NOTHING in there and oh yes, we are moving AGAIN! In a few weeks, we've decided on a color scheme for each room and the bedroom will be purple, grey, taupe, pale blue colors from a beach photo. This one!

Here is what I came up with, now I'm not that brilliant. I saw this in a FB group and then adapted it to my own style. At least our colors, well, let's be honest. My colors...purple is my favorite if case you didn't know and my hubby is very accommodating in indulging me in whatever I want to do.
Oh shoot! Wrong picture, that's the work in progress picture.

HERE is the finished product.
And here are a few other options:

A few notes, spend the money and buy the spray paint. I didn't want to spend $8 on a can of paint for a project, well I should have. Painting with craft paint on glass bottles...well it took 4 coats and it took forever to dry.
Also, when you have an idea and see something that will work, BUY it! Don't wait and then go back 2 weeks later. You will NOT find what you are looking for. I searched high and low trying to find the original bottles I had seen weeks before. I should have purchased them but I didn't. So I had to improvise. I am not thrilled with the results but I ran out of time for this post. I WILL be doing this again, well, IF I can find the bottles I saw to begin with and I WILL be using spray paint the next time.
So I used Mexican soda bottles: 60 cent each
DMC embroidery floss: 40 cent each
thread flowers I found on clearance at Michael's: $2.59
stickers from the Dollar Tree: $1
craft paint from Wal-Mart: 80 cent
wooden letters from Wal-Mart: $2.97
paint for the letter: nail polish I had
tacky glue from Michael's: on sale $2

Not difficult, the options are endless, as you can see below, a few I saw online:
I would give credit for the crafts and photos but have no idea as each one I found doing a google search with no traceable links.

Be sure to visit the other sites to see what "celebrate" means to them and how they are showing it.









  1. What a great way to celebrate all of the new in your life! I love your color choices and I love that you got them from that lovely photograph.

  2. I just love your color scheme. And this project is a great way to show your creativity in personalized decorations!

  3. Congratulations again on your wedding and your overall happiness - so glad things are falling into place for you! πŸ’– Wow, another move is coming up? I am soooo not a fan of packing, but you'll do great, looks like you're a pro by now.
    Love your project, and of course the fact you call them bottles on the shelf - because I love our elf!

    Now wait, you had trouble finding bottles??? Couldn't you just use the champagne you hopefully had? 🍾πŸ₯‚
    I can relate to your crafts supply pain, though. I'm looking for "glass" (well, transparent plastic) letter beads in red, green and white. If I find any, they are wooden or in the wrong colors. Why does it have to be so hard?

  4. Beautiful! My kids would gladly drink all those Mexican sodas for you. They can't get enough of them!!