Friday, August 18, 2017

Power Rangers, Kitties and Friends - FOTW

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Work stories...
In July I was driving a gentleman to another airport, this is common. It takes several hours but it allows me to bond with my passenger(s). It is almost always a blessing. This particular day I was telling him about some of my interesting passengers or experiences at the airport. 
He said "well let me tell you, my job isn't as exciting but I do get some great excuses for missing work from my salesmen". We both laughed, I used to work on a car lot years ago and salesmen are ALWAYS trying to con you about something. So he goes on..."This young kid was working for me and left for lunch one day with his girlfriend. All the salesmen loved when she came in, a real looker. So he leaves at noon, one o'clock rolls around he's not back, two still not back, three nothing, four and he strolls in. The manager calls him to his office. Okay son, what's up. You left here FOUR hours ago for lunch. The young man replies, yes sir, I was tied up. No son not for four hours tell me the truth. Yes sir I did, I was tied up with my girlfriend. Son I'll give you one more chance. No sir you don't understand, I was TIED UP BY my girlfriend.
The manager looks at the assistant manager and says "well I've seen his girlfriend so I'm gonna let it go". ROTL WOW really?!

Driving out of town to pick up a client and I pass a gas station. There is a man standing in the middle of the parking lot blowing his nose. Okay that would be okay except he has no tissue, he is going at it! Hand to the side of  his nose just blowing into the air, snot flowing. GROSS what is wrong with people?!

I picked up a lady and then drive her to pick up her preteen from camp. Several hours later we are on our way to our final destination and she is asking him all sorts of questions.
What did you eat from breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?
What did you learn to eat that you didn't like before? Green beans, to which she was thrilled.
What new foods did you try that you now like? "OOH these biscuits from BoJangles with blueberries in them!"
She said "WHAT? A biscuit with blueberries? Dawn do you know what he's talking about?"
"Yes ma'am I do. They are called BoBerry Biscuits and they are delicious!"
"oh, well is there anyway we could stop and get one?" Her son quickly says "THREE"
She laughs and says "you can't eat three" he says "oh yes I can"
I laugh and tell her yes, there is a BoJo right down the road.
On the way in, she stopped and said, "what should I expect?"
I laughed, " well, they are buttermilk biscuits with blueberries in them along with sugar, baked and drizzled with a delicious glaze. Be careful, they are addicting."
She goes in and makes her purchases. Her son is devouring these boberries and she said "okay let me try a bite" She takes one bite and says "OH MY GOSH DAWN these are FABulous! and in a few minutes she says "OH NO I just ate a whole one!!"
This cracks me up! We're talking a tall, tan, gorgeous blonde from NY who eats VERY healthy and she just devoured a boberry biscuit! (you can find my quick easy version here) I said now aren't you glad there's no BOJO in NY? She said YES I'd be fat!
Girl friend would have to eat a LOT of biscuits to be fat!!

I had a WONDERFUL weekend recently, I visited Minette and Mike. Minette is Southern Belle Charm! We had the best time. And that precious dumpling in the bottom corner is Duke, my new buddy. NO the LEFT bottom corner silly, the right corner is me!!
My DIL - Daughter-in-law (one of them) is a radio production manager and DJ. The perks, free concerts and other events. She had the joy of attending SuperCon a few hours from us recently and she took my granddaughter. LMSP...oh you can only imagine! Yep she was the hit, the bell of the ball, the queen of the day. The only kid there AND dressed up! Several characters wanted their picture taken with her, to include...TOMMY the original Green Ranger then turned White Ranger from the original series Power Rangers!!
Isn't that the coolest thing ever? If you think not, just nod and smile, it's okay.

Working so many hours, when I am home on weekends my poor kitty wants to do nothing but lay me. serious I kid you not.
Top trying to sleep in
Middle trying to work
Bottom giving in
So Jesse and I are having this discussion about life, relationships,and hard lessons we have both learned over the past few years. He says to me "well mom, I've learned a lot and back when I was in my 20's..."
I said "wait a minute, Jesse you ARE in your 20's!"
We both start laughing and he says "okay, back in my early 20's"
I said "Jesse, you're only 25!"
He says "MOM...okay fine, when I was 18-20 is that better?!"
ROTFL poor boy has been through so much he has an old soul now.

So much more has happened to include finding a condom in the back seat of one of our cars at work, being hit on by every man under 90 this past week, seeing a dog take a dump in the middle of the airport, watching a fight break out at the rental counter, and much more. My life is definitely not boring.


  1. Your life is definitely not boring. I love the conversations you have with the people you meet while driving.
    And LMSP, she is so cool.

  2. You and my husband need to have a drink together he also works at the Airport delivering foods to the planes and oh the stories he tells. I loved your blog and the name of it and I can't wait to visit again to see what you the cat and your son are up to. Tell him to wait till he is in his 50's then he will have stories and more stories to tell.

  3. Boring definitely isn't one word I'd use to describe your life Dawn. I can't believe your granddaughter got to meet the green power ranger. 12 year old me would have freaked out at the thought.

  4. Our store is on the main drag downtown and every once in awhile I see a 'street person' blowing their nose on the sidewalk. I throw up a little. Loved the tied up girlfriend story