Monday, August 7, 2017

Parmesan Chips #ketosnack - Happiness Happens - #BlogWithFriends

Happy Day everyone...well, our #BlogWithFriends theme this month is... Happiness Happens. When I saw this at first, I thought, oh yeah, an easy one. Well, then life happened and it was not an easy theme. As a matter of fact I considered sitting this one out due to life being so extremely opposite of happy. But then I thought to myself, "self, happiness is an emotion, it is a choice, an action and YOU CAN be happy EVEN in these dire circumstances. Now what makes ya happy?"
I thought on that a bit. What makes me happy? My kids, my grand children, my kitty boo, my friends, cooking, reading, creating tasty healthy food and being on the water. So looking at that list, I decided something else. Snacking makes me happy! Especially after a stressful day. But snacking can ruin good intentions of weight loss.
On June 30th, one month ago, (I am writing this on 7/30). I started the #keto WOE, way of eating. Doing so I gave up carbs. Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, starchy veggies and you know what I miss. Nothing. Honestly, nothing. BUT I was eating a bunless cheeseburger, loaded with all the goodies and I thought, man chips would be good right about now. So I started looking around at what I could do to fix this predicament.
Parmesan Chips! They sell them at WM and I thought, shoot, I can do that.
And so I did!!
Here ya go, chips. The salty crunchy craving keto friendly it's safe to eat them all chips!!
It really doesn't take much these days to make me happy.
Don't they look great? And oh so yummy!
 So good in fact, I decided to make a second batch with seasonings! Ooooh yeah, now we're talking.
 How about stacking the chips with some pepperoni? Oh yeah!
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  1. Parmesan Chips? I would love these. And stacked with pepperoni is just the icing on the cake (so to speak)!

  2. I have been on a similar journey, not entirely cutting all carbs, though. But I certainly did what you are talking about: looking for healthier alternatives (cauliflower pizza crust, avocado brownies, chickpea cookies, you name it)

    I am sure those chips are super yummy.

    Yay you for participating even though you have been feeling low. It will get better!!!

  3. They do look yummy! I am sorry things haven't been so happy for you. Life has been upside down here, too. Yes. It's a choice - but sometimes, we do need to allow our emotions time to heal. Those Parmesan chips do look like a nice comfort food.

  4. Oh those look good and it IS going to get better. You're past due

  5. YUM! These look great and would be an awesome alternative to the regular chips I eat too much of!