Friday, August 11, 2017

Breakfast Cloud Bread #keto

Since starting the Keto way of eating I really and truly have not missed bread, my son however has. I have offered to buy bread but he says no. So I thought I'd make some keto friendly bread. I have seen the cloud bread talked about for a long time now. Even waaay before I decided to go keto. After reading recipes, reviews and even watching a few videos I finally decided on a way to do this.
It was not perfect and definitely not bread, but tasty. A good treat, dessert or breakfast tag-a-long. I had read where some said it tasted eggy. I did not notice this, could be because I did mine a tad different. Honestly it was more like a sponge cake in the shape of a pancake. I plan on trying again to see what happens.

**Important note, if you do NOT put them in a zip top bag, they WILL be dry and crumbly the next day. They do not have to be in the fridge but will not last or be fresh for more than a few days. The recipe makes a small batch.

Breakfast Cloud Bread
3 eggs, separated
3 TBSP cream cheese, I used blueberry
1 tsp baking powder, I used aluminum free
Have 2 bowls out and ready, preheat your oven to 300 degrees and line a cookie sheet with either parchment paper or silpads. I LOVE mine! 
In a medium bowl drop your egg whites and place the yokes in a smaller bowl.
With the yokes you will add the cream cheese and beat until smooth. Be sure the cream cheese is room temperature otherwise it will be grainy or lumpy and not smooth.
In the medium bowl add the baking powder ONLY when you are ready to whip the egg whites. Do so with a hand mixer until peaks form. Like when you make meringue for a pie.
Then FOLD gently, the yoke mix into the whites. Be careful not to over mix or it will break the whites down and be runny.
Now by the TBSP drop and spread into a circle the mix. You can use two pans so they don't spread and stick together if you make them about 3-4 inches in size or make them small for little slider type bread disk. I make larger ones and put it all on one sheet. IF you use two sheets you need to be able to put them in the oven together, otherwise it will run and separate before baking.
Watch them closely. Some suggest allowing them to cook and just before they brown turning on the broiler but I was leary of doing so.
Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown be careful not to burn them.

Since I used the blueberry cream cheese, with real berries, it made the bread a little sweet and I think made the batter more liquidy/runny. HOWEVER, they did turn out. As you can see they ran together in the baking process and I cut them apart, hence the straight sides. LOL

Once they were cooled, it is suggested to allow them to "sit in a bag" for a day or two. I had mine the following morning with cream cheese slathered on and rolled up, like a little swiss roll. Perfect dessert or breakfast sweet treat. I forgot to take a photo of it that way but it was very good, even my work hubby said so. hahaha Right Sasha?

The next ones I do the plan is to use the regular cream cheese and see how they taste. I think the blueberry prevented the eggy taste that some refer to. We shall see.

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