Monday, July 24, 2017

Keto - low carb - high protein - new way of eating

Here's an update on where I am. I mentioned recently that I was going keto, well let me explain, I am not going 100% and my reason why is this...Keto WOE (way of eating) is when you put your body into ketosis. My middle son is type 1 diabetic and when you say ketosis I think ICU. He has been there far too many times due to being in DKA. AND with my family history, my father passed from renal failure, the last thing I want to do is to put myself into ketosis. So I am low carb, extremely low, good fat, high protein, no potatoes, corn, bread, starchy veggies and minimal fruit.

Previously what my weekly meals looked like:(see bread all the time or potatoes, rice and pasta) however I had started to cut back...
Now, what I am doing is DRASTICALLY cutting out carbs, ramping up my protein and adding good fats. In doing so, I am at the 3 week mark and have lost 8.2 lbs. I have also been walking a LOT more than before. I am sure this is helping as well. Along with eating more during the day. I am preparing foods and taking to work. Before I had fallen into the not eating all day, coming home late and eating everything in sight. NOT a healthy life style.

what my meals look like now...well food prep anyway

On Sundays I am prepping food so that each morning I can grab and go because let's be honest, at 0300 the last thing I care about is food or packing a lunch or breakfast for that matter. Now I reach in the fridge, grab my bag and walk out the door.
My carry-to-work foods are easy, non messy, high protein, low carb finger foods. Diced cheese, diced chicken, boiled peeled egg, kosher dill pickle, sunflower seeds, all portioned out and of course several bottles of water. This list I found at 

Over the next...who knows how long, you'll find my recipes change. Low carb, high protein, keto friendly. I hope you find them helpful and enjoyable.

Here is a list if you're curious of what is a Yes No food...

this I found at
This last chart is SUPER helpful to me, I was getting major cravings prior to going low carb and my doctor had said I was LOW in magnesium, potassium and B  vitamins, well that explains some of the cravings! 

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