Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Truffles : Friends and Family How I love ya - Poetry

This month we tossed out several themes for our poetry and tried to stay away from the spouse, lover, typical Valentine's Day stuff.
We all have family, we all have friends and I guarantee you, we all have ones we love.
For me, being a foodie, food is a big part of how I say I love you. I had planned on making truffles for this post but life has been crazy busy and I ran out of time.
BUT I have made Truffles before, so you can check these out:
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Friends and Family, How I love ya
Friends can be family
Family can be friends
if you are blessed to have both
you are blessed indeed
February is a month about love
but love should happen everyday

What is love? A feeling? An emotion?
An affair of the heart?

Love is an unselfish, all giving
time, emotion and help.
A hug, a kiss
a shoulder to cry on
someone to laugh with
someone to confide in
act crazy with
be confident in.

I am blessed to have many friends
who are closer than family
that I love dearly and can count on.

No this really isn't a poem, but I was at a loss. So be sure to follow the other links and read some Real poetry.


  1. Sure sounds like poetry to me. I'm so happy to have added blog friends to the list of people I'm grateful for.

  2. I agree with Karen. Sure sounded like poetry to me, too! Well done, Dawn!