Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Loving my names for stuff aren't you? LOL I know, you probably think I'm weird and I guess so at times.
But come on, the name grabbed you and the flavors will have your tongue slapping your brain it's so good.
Tomatoes, bacon and cucumbers with a dab of ranch thrown in the mix. Simple, delicious and a great side dish or alone. There's not a ton of ingredients to buy, if you're like me, they are already in your home.

6 grape tomatoes quartered
1 small/mini hot house cucumber diced
3 TBSP of chopped crispy bacon
1 TBSP ranch dressing
Mix it all together and you're done. See, simple and delicious!

This has become my new "go to" salad. Each evening I get home, dice up the cucumber and slice the tomatoes, mix and eat, then I start supper. See I have this bad habit of going all day and not eating. So when I get home, I'm starving. With this quick simple salad I can eliminate over eating supper and junk food. It's a win win for me. Healthy, quick, delicious and hopefully it will help me get back on track and drop some pounds. Fingers crossed anyway.

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  1. We all have our inspired moments. (freedom of the press) This sounds tasty and memorable! Lovin' it.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,