Friday, November 11, 2016

uyw - You're FIRED!

Shell waited on the last customer of the day. Slowly she walked to the front door, flipped over the sign to read closed and locked the door.
Breathing a sigh of relief she uttered thank you God, she had survived another grueling day. Here she was fast approaching thirty and still single, and as quickly as that thought hit her mind the song on the radio changed - she laughed out loud "Don't stop believing" was echoing through the now empty diner but it filled her heart.
No, she must not stop believing. There was light at the end of the tunnel. She had almost completed her courses and soon she would have a degree in hand. 
As she walked, no trudged toward the kitchen the owner came busting in through the door. He wore his normal greasy look of slum lord mixed with hood gangster wanna be.
He stopped, gave her an evil grin and yelled "you're FIRED!"
What? Why??
"I don't have to give a reason but if you insist. You're uncooperative and I found someone who is" She chose that moment to sashay through the doors.
Ah yes, of course Charlamain with her dress so tight it looked like a second skin, skirt so short you could almost see 'neverland" and of course boobs pushed high enough to create a shelf. Oh I'm sure she's VERY cooperative, Shell thought.
Slowly she removed her apron and name tag. Placed them on the counter and reached for her tip jar.
OH NOT SO FAST sweetheart! The slime-ball jerked the jar out of Shell's reach. Char gave a sickening giggle and rubbed his arm.
You're not getting any tips today accept this one sweetie: fix yourself up, show some cleavage, loosen up and maybe some poor sap will take ya.
Angry was NOT the word, violently sick, disgusted and so pissed Shell wanted to slap that smug look off his face. Oh she'd loosen up alright!! How about loosening his teeth??when she slapped him cross-eyed!
Instead she took her coat and walked toward the door. Shell stopped, turned around and said "thank you this is the push I needed. I will move forward and make my dreams come true"
Or do they? he sneered
Shell said "or do they what?"
Come true. He laughed.
Shell straightened to her full 5 ft 2 inches and said "YES! they do and will, one day I WILL show up and when you least expect it, I will rub your nose in my success. Success that YOU pushed me towards so for that, thank you" and out into the cold Chicago night she went.

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  1. She should have punched him lol! What an asshat!

  2. Great story. And a well needed reminder that when bad things happen, they are often the doorway to something better.

  3. She handled that with more class than I could have.

  4. She handled that with more class than I could have.

  5. Fast forward a couple of years... I want to hear what she's gonna do, and I want to see the infamous "you always meet twice" happening!

  6. I respect her response... it shows wisdom. Arguing with someone coming from that perspective is a waste of energy.

  7. Yow! Well done! You got me SO involved! I wanted to go and slap him silly! You go Shell! You go, girl!