Friday, November 4, 2016

SSS-Volunteer Vacation

When I was given this subject, I thought, volunteer vacation? Who wouldn't volunteer to go on vacation?! Then I gave it another thought. What if the vacation was all about being a volunteer. I have friends who used to do this very thing. They would take vacation and go with our church to very out of the way places, ultra rural, back in the holler to build houses, schools, clean up after storms and other events. They would take time out of their lives to go help others. I always envied them in a way. Being so selfless and giving of their time, sacrificing vacation family time to go and do for others. How wonderful and admirable I thought it all was.
I always thought when my kids were grown that this is how I would spend my time. My empty nest would allow me time away from home, a vacation as sorts, and go help others. I had no idea that it would not happen and that I'd be knee deep in work and survival.
So spending my time off giving to others seems like a dream vacation to me and one of these days I will do that very thing. Or at least I hope so.
I would go to Papua New Guinea because a long time ago my (now ex) and I were supposed to go there as missionaries. As we were nearing the end of our application process I was diagnosed with cancer. That put a total stop to any talk of going to a foreign land in the 'bush' far from medical care. It was a blessing that they found it before I left the US because I most likely would not be here if we had of made it to PNG but I've always regretted not being able to go. Thankful, but regretful. So if I were able, I'd go to PNG and volunteer my teaching services or handyman skills to those who serve so selflessly there on a daily basis.
Thank you to: You've decided to do a "Volunteer Vacation" you can go anywhere in the world, but you have to volunteer your services while you are there. Where would you go and who would you help?
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  1. I hope you do get to go one day and fulfill the dream that cancer put a stop to.

  2. I would love to take a trip like this, but I'd want to wait until my kids were older and could come with us to help.