Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Poem: Thanks

I said many years ago that Thanksgiving is a holiday we should practice all year long- not just one day. We all get so caught up in the rat race, working, packed schedules, kids activities and such, we run low on sleep, high on anxiety and low on patience.
This causes us to lose sight of the most important things. We complain, grumble, mumble and soon are discontent with life in general. If we help more, and see what we do have instead of what we want our attitude of gratitude fills us with joy. Our world would be a much better place. I TRY desperately hard to be thankful each and everyday because there is ALWAYS someone worse off. I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need.
So with that... Here is my poem for Thanksgiving.

T - take nothing for granted
H - help those in need
A - always be kind
N - neglect no one
K - keep a grateful heart
S - spread joy as you go

Now on the light side:

Thanksgiving Day
Hooray Hooray
Turkey, rice and stuffing
will be on my plate today
Cake, pie and cookies
oh what treats we have
tomorrow I shoot the scale
for I'll be twice the woman I am!
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  1. Both great poems, I like the second one the best. So funny. Love the twist at the end. Hahaha! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Here's to being twice the women we were before! :) Yummm . . .

  3. Serious thankfulness and light humor, love them both.

  4. "twice the woman I am" - genius. :)