Friday, October 21, 2016

FOTW October

If you have been keeping up with the news, you have seen NC and the flooded areas. Mine being one of them, two weeks ago I was evacuated from my home and have NO idea when I can return. BUT I am safe and trying to stay positive. So let's enjoy this month's "Fly On The Wall" post. Be sure to read to the end and then visit the other links.
Sorry, no recipe this time. I have no kitchen :(

Talking to W daughter on the phone and all of a sudden she says "WHAT are you doing?" She says, " this kid is licking his foot!" Then "E that is gross, stop it" And I hear "stop" LOL yep, that magpie stage seems to have set in early. He is 19 months old and sooo dang cute.
Watching "Sports Jeopardy" with W and I got the first 3 questions first! WIN
This was me after working from Friday to Monday straight through. Eight hours each day on my feet. I was so tired.
One of my friends posted this as her status on FB:Walking thru the nursing home to see my dad and one of the little residents asks me if I want to "smoke a goobie" (think she meant doobie) with her and then she let's out a hefty Rick Flair WOOOOOOO. I just lost it. (Thanks Kim H for letting me share)

*A friend posted on FB "my daughter was laying on my belly and kept trying to play with my chest. I said Leave my boobies alone" She giggled and said "Mimi doesn't have boobies" I said "what does she have then?" She giggles again and said "titties" 
This little girl is 3! THREE! Be careful what you say, little ones LOVE to repeat it.
I need this shirt.

I was thinking back about different people and times from my past and remembered Tracey. Sweet girl but blonde to the roots. She was standing on the bed trying to change a light bulb, BUT she forgot to turn the ceiling fan off. The blade slapped her side the head, knocked her off the bed, she did a flip and landed upside down between the bed and wall. It was funny as heck, until we realized she was out for the count. ER trip, concussion, goose egg size bruise and a great story to tell.

Have you ever tried online dating? A friend of mine recently signed up. I was helping her create her profile, fill out all the questionnaires and surfing through the "suggestions just for you"...are these people kidding? OMGosh, this one guy, oh gee, his profile picture was him and a blow up doll! I thought EWW you really think a woman is going to "flirt" with you online after seeing this? Then I thought maybe it's a joke, but at closer inspection of the photo, we think it was probably taken in his mother's basement where he sure-idly lives! Maybe we watch too much Criminal Minds? Nah.

Potato May came for a visit last month. Guess what one of the first things he said to me was. Yes, it was about food. He said, "Hey Dawn, are you in the mood to bake and fix me some of your banging grub?" LOL he sure has a way with words.
Little Miss Sassy Pants turned 6 on the 6th of this month. It's hard to believe that that much time has passed. I remember when she was born and a few hours later my son calling me and saying she was being air lifted to Duke's Childrens Hospital. She was a preemie but all seemed well in the beginning. Less than 4 lbs but a strong fighter. Now she's in Kindergarten.
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  1. I'm picture that ceiling fan incident and LOVING that shirt. I want one too!
    Happy Birthday LMSP!

  2. Happy birthday to that Diva! I had a preemie too, 1 lb 11oz. Now she's almost 3 and is 3 feet tall! Where has time gone?

  3. 1. We definitely all need that shirt.
    2. I hope you're settled in safe, sound, happy, and with a kitchen ASAP. I hate that you've hit this detour. I pray your life is completely back on track quickly and easily.
    3. I'm loving all your tidbits. Loved the smiles and laughs, you gave me.
    4. Tracey must have given you so many laughs.
    Great post!! Thanks for sharing!!