Friday, September 16, 2016

Creamy Avocado Sauce and UYW Sept

I hear "taco Tuesday" a lot. I love tacos and make them all different ways, rarely do I think about TT but I saw an ad on TV for tacos and laughed because for once it was Tuesday and I WAS making tacos.
This time I wanted something a little different so I made this delicious creamy avocado sauce. The next two days I ate it on salad. Perfect! It was also delicious on a wrap.
Soft tortilla, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and the creamy sauce, mmm mmm good. Check it out.
 Creamy Avocado Sauce
1 small ripe avocado
2 small juicy limes
1/2 cup fat free sour cream
 1/2 tsp each of:
onion powder
garlic powder
cilantro, dried flakes
black pepper, fresh ground
cumin powder
2-3 TBSP water

I put all the ingredients into my Ninja type personal blender and let it go until it was smooth and creamy. I used this on tacos, sandwich wraps and a salad later in the week. Delicious!

Currently I've been working as a donut maker, going to work at 0300 and baking for three hours. They smell so delicious I'd love to munch away but no time. Too much to accomplish. Some times the smell hits my brain like a thunderstruck explosion of endorphin's just begging for a bit of the delicious sweet dough but I refrain and keep working.
In our tiny little town there are only 4 places to eat. A BoJangles, Subway, Chinese restaurant and a local cafe Vera's. Vera's has been there over 50 years. There is no where but BoJo to pick up breakfast. So the local guys headed out to work hit us up and wipe out my donut bakery case.
I make 21 different types along with preparing breakfast sandwiches, coffee, tea, hot dogs, Polish dogs, and 2 different types of Tornadoes. I have to accomplish all this in 3 hours. I do it. It is busy and all just changed. 
We were under renovation and now have a FULL cafe. Complete with grill to prepare 21 different breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and pizzas. We are SOOOO busy it is insane.
I'm excited about it but feel overwhelmed at the same time. Saturday will be the first day I have to do it ALL by myself. So far there has been 2 of us in the cafe. SO...If you think of me, send positive thoughts and prayers.
Thanks so much!
Funny, Tamara had no idea what I've been doing when she submitted these words and Karen assigns them randomly. Guess it was divine intervention that I received these words at this time. 
Your words are:
Donut ~ subway ~ munch ~ brain ~ baking ~ thunderstruck
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  1. That sounds so good. Do you deliver? To the Midwest?

    1. I'd love to take a road trip! OR you can come here to the south :) we love visitors.

  2. What a great idea and happy that it is working out for you. Reminds me of my baking business I did out of my home for 10 years. It was so busy and successful -- sounds like you are on the right path to success and you are loving it!! Happy for you -- but don't burn yourself out!

  3. Add in dealing with people to all that and I bet your day is crazy hectic. Retail of any kind is such an exhausting endeavor. I'll be thinking of you in the next few hours while I enjoy a much needed day off! You got this.

  4. I would be in trouble if I could make donuts! They are my downfall.