Friday, September 9, 2016

Beef Tips with Gravy and Sept SSS

I'm at working and in the process of opening the store, all of a sudden there's a knock at the door. I go and see who it is. There's a tall gangly nerdy looking guy. He claims my boss told him to start work this morning. However, I've heard nothing about it.

No WAY I'm letting this guy in. So I call my boss, I'm sure she's not going to be pleased considering it's 5 a.m. She answers and groggily tells me, yes sorry I forgot to tell you. He's kinda weird but not in a creepy unsafe way.

I'm thinking gee thanks, why couldn't he work with Michael. Oh well, I say a little prayer as I walk to the door, open it and quickly tell him I will NOT hesitate to tase his butt if he tries anything funny.

I set back to the task at hand, getting the store ready to open. He watches and ask me a ton of questions.

Through the week I've had to work with this guy for five days. He's okay, kinda slow on the uptake but a good worker, he really seems to want to do a good job.

At the end of the week, he's gone. Huh, weird. I ask and am told he was sent to a different store. Oh, okay and I continue on with what I have to do not really thinking much about it.
Weeks go by and one day a man comes in and ask to speak with me. He informs me that he is the CEO of our company and ask if he looks familiar. No but that voice. Then it hits me! He's the weird gangly dude I worked with for a week.

He begins to tell me what a great job I did and how nice I was to him. He says he is giving me $50,000 because he heard about my surgery and all my medial expenses! I am floored. Just floored. Then he tells me that he is also giving me a promotion and I will no longer be slaving away in the store but working hard in the district office. A big raise, promotion and money for my bills! Hallelujah!

WOW just like on TV and Uncover Boss.


I wake up. Crap! Oh well, I can dream can't I?

Beef Tips with Gravy
1 lb beef stew meat, diced
2 cups gravy
onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, ground pepper
french fries

I diced 1 lb of beef stew meat and sprinkled it with onion powder, garlic powder, ground pepper, paprika and saute in a few tablespoons of oil. Remove and place in a sauce pan with gravy. Cook on low for an hour. The meat will be tender and juicy. Bake fries in the oven and serve with a large salad. I like to put the meat and gravy on top of the fries. In the South we call that a "hot plate" and it is delicious. I did a short cut and used a jar of gravy instead of making my own. You can prepare your own gravy.

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  1. You ALMOST had me there. But I was so disappointed it wasn't true. There's always hope, right? Maybe that knight in shining armor really will show up

  2. Oh man! I wish you had been on Undercover Boss! That would be amazing!!

  3. Yes you can dream. And I can dream of those Beef Tips with Gravy!

  4. I thought this was too good to be true! Even though you would totally deserve all that goodness coming your way!
    Slow on the uptake, hahaha!
    I don't know this show but now I can imagine what it's all about!

  5. You almost had me!

    Side note: Lil Bit LOVES Undercover Boss and has this dream to go to Moe's just to shout "Welcome to MOESSSSSS"

  6. Man I was thinking as I was reading how wonderful that good things were happening to you!

  7. I was all into the story thinking WOW! Cool! You really got me.