Friday, September 30, 2016

Lasagna Stuffed Garlic Bread:September FF

My son came over and spend the weekend with me. I was so excited. We really don't get to see each other often, so this was a real treat.
We of course always talk about food and I started sharing recipe ideas with him. I threw out a few options and he told me which one he wanted us to try.
We chose...lasagna stuffed garlic bread! OMGosh was it ever good! MAN a winner!
Lasagna Stuffed Garlic Bread
1/2 lean ground beef
small jar spaghetti sauce
grated Parmesan cheese
6 lasagna noodles, boiled and set aside
butter, melted
garlic, powder or grated
1 tube of refrigerated pizza dough
Boil the noodles and set aside. Cook your ground beef and stir in the sauce. Now roll out your pizza dough onto a cookie sheet. Place 1 noodle and half of another in the middle. Top with sauce and cheese.
 Repeat. Noodle, sauce, cheese. Four layers. Next fold over the dough and pinch the ends closed. Lastly sprinkle garlic powder over the bread and rub with butter or spread a garlic butter on top. Slide into the over for 10-14 minutes at  350 degrees. Be careful not to burn your bread but you don't want a doughy center either.
Today’s post is this month’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.
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Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by                Not That Sarah Michelle
31 - Not That Sarah Michelle - August 2016.jpg
1. You honestly thought you could go potty without me?

2. WTH? If I go potty in your water dish you'd freak out on me!

3. I'm barking to let the kids know where you are, you can't hide in here forever.

4. I see you. I know you can hear them calling you. You sad woman.

5. Hey, HEY, yeah you. What are you aiming at me? Wait, did you take a picture?!?

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Bacon PepperJack Smothered Chicken ; FOTW Sept.

Happy Friday y'all! I have a quick and delicious recipe for you and then what we all wait for...Fly On The Wall.
Bacon PepperJack Smothered Chicken
2-4 chicken breast, boneless skinless
2-4 slices of pepperjack cheese
bacon crumbles
Seasoning for the chicken: paprika,garlic powder, onion powder, white ground pepper, and A1 rub, a dab of flour
I rubbed the seasonings on the chicken and lightly rubbed a dab of flour on. Then I sauteed it in a pan with just enough oil so it wouldn't stick. Cooked until it was golden brown, flipped and repeated. Then I topped each breast with a slice of cheese and sprinkled on the bacon crumbles. Placed a lid on the frying pan, turned off the heat and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Done! Serve with your favorite veggies, salad or whatever you choose.

Oh my gracious! September and school is back in session or for some it is just beginning. Like my LMSP! She started Kindergarten this year and she is loving it. She was so excited after the first day to come home and tell everyone that she "DID NOT" have to take a nap! We had all been telling her about K and naps. Well, jokes on us! They stopped nap time. She was like "there, see I TOLD you I won't taking no nap!" oh lawd help us! Or help that teacher! LOL
This photo was taken the second day of school, lawd have mercy look at that attitude!
LMSP says, after the second week of school, "I don't know WHY I have to go so much! Did you know I go like EVERYday to school?!?!" I'm laughing, she says "NOT funny" OMGosh, yes it is!

I have a BIG (15 lbs) black cat, Beau, who I love dearly but he should have been born an orange tabby because he is yellow. A scaredy cat! We had a mouse and he, Beau, stayed on top of the freezer. Would not even get off to go potty. He'd sit up there and cry and cry until I carried him to the litter box. I even put his food and water on top of the dryer. Beau, he's a lover, not a fighter and obviously not a mouser either.
I’m sitting in the waiting room at the orthopedic and these two little old ladies come in. One is clearly older but feisty. She is also a first time patient as I see the receptionist hand her the clipboard and dozens of forms like she did me. They sit down next to me and begin the process of filling them out.
Conversation starts: “Okay I know you name and address, next it asks for your birthday”
Tiny lady: 3/26/36
Helper: okay, now it asks for employer or job status
Tiny: retarded
Helper: giggles, you mean retired
Tiny: NO retarded mama always said so
Helper: fits of giggles, You’re so funny, I’d put retired but how do you spell it?
Tiny: R E T A R I E D
Helper: that doesn’t look right RETIRIED, that’s better
Next question(Now they are on the page with medical questions):
Do you or someone in your family have ANY of the following?
Helper begins to read the list and Tiny is answering along, when she gets to DVT, Tiny says “I don’t know, never heard of it, what is it?
Helper: I have no idea
Tiny: well then say no cause if I got it, I don’t know it and don’t want to
Again fits of giggles
These two are keeping me entertained.
FINALLY Tiny gets called back (I said Tiny because she’s not even 4 feet tall and probably only weights about 75 lbs, little woman but adorable with a mega watt smile) so she walks by and stops, turns and hands Helper her HUGE thick novel she’s carrying around, starts off again, stops, turns and hands her the purse that is almost too big for her, begins to walk again, stops and starts laughing. Holds her cane towards Helper and says “want to hold my cane too?” the two of them crack up. Helper says “go on now with yourself and behave. I have enough of your stuff to keep up with, now go!”
I am cracking up, now I see why folks wear Depends! You need them if you go to the dr and these two characters are around. But I love them and want to hang out with them! What a great sense of life and fun they have.

*My turn finally comes and I’m called back. Over an hour of waiting, so I’m in the exam room and I hear this OFF beat horrible singing coming closer to the door “come on let me love you now, baby let me love you now” and the door opens! IT’S THE DOCTOR! OMGosh, I’ve never seen him and this is awkward. Tall, thin, older gentleman and seems very proper. Ask a few questions, does a quick exam of my shoulder, tells me his opinion and out the door he goes. Takes less than 5 minutes. As soon as he opens the door he starts singing again, “oh baby, let me love you now” AWKWARD

Saw this car at Wal-Mart when I was going in to the pharmacy. I've seen it several times but decided to take a photo this time. It is "hand" painted. Front is black the back half is covered in different fish, all with funny facial expressions.
*After the doctor visit, I had two in the same day, I stop at W’s store. He busted his phone the day before so I can’t text him or call to tell him what happened and he likes for me to. So I pop over to the store, it is literally around the corner. I’m walking around looking for him, and head toward the stock room. I’m peeking in the door but can’t see past all the boxes. The sign says “NO ONE Permitted past this door” and I honor that. So I’m waiting to see if I can catch a glimpse of him and I hear his voice. So I know he’s in there. All of a sudden a BOOMING voice behind me says “HE’S NOT BACK THERE” scares me to death, I almost jumped through the door. I turn and there’s this BIG man and he laughs then apologizes for scaring me. I said “with a jittery laugh, well he might not be” He laughs again and walks off. About that time a worker sees me and comes to ask what I need. I tell him I’m there to see W and he goes and gets him. We talk a minute and then he walks me out of the store. As we are headed to the front we pass the BOOMING voice man. When he sees me, he turns his head and starts to chuckle. I start laughing as well. W looks at me like I’m crazy but keeps telling me what was going on in the store. As we pass, the guy leans over and says “I see you found him” and I laugh. “Yep and he was back there.” W says “You asked a customer if I was in the back?? Why would you do that?” I said, NO and told him what happened. I’m laughing, he just looks at me like I’ve lost my mind, shakes his head and we keep walking. I guess you had to be there, because it was funny. I thought the guy was quick on his feet and it just struck me as funny. I’m still chuckling about it.

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 9 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Creamy Avocado Sauce and UYW Sept

I hear "taco Tuesday" a lot. I love tacos and make them all different ways, rarely do I think about TT but I saw an ad on TV for tacos and laughed because for once it was Tuesday and I WAS making tacos.
This time I wanted something a little different so I made this delicious creamy avocado sauce. The next two days I ate it on salad. Perfect! It was also delicious on a wrap.
Soft tortilla, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and the creamy sauce, mmm mmm good. Check it out.
 Creamy Avocado Sauce
1 small ripe avocado
2 small juicy limes
1/2 cup fat free sour cream
 1/2 tsp each of:
onion powder
garlic powder
cilantro, dried flakes
black pepper, fresh ground
cumin powder
2-3 TBSP water

I put all the ingredients into my Ninja type personal blender and let it go until it was smooth and creamy. I used this on tacos, sandwich wraps and a salad later in the week. Delicious!

Currently I've been working as a donut maker, going to work at 0300 and baking for three hours. They smell so delicious I'd love to munch away but no time. Too much to accomplish. Some times the smell hits my brain like a thunderstruck explosion of endorphin's just begging for a bit of the delicious sweet dough but I refrain and keep working.
In our tiny little town there are only 4 places to eat. A BoJangles, Subway, Chinese restaurant and a local cafe Vera's. Vera's has been there over 50 years. There is no where but BoJo to pick up breakfast. So the local guys headed out to work hit us up and wipe out my donut bakery case.
I make 21 different types along with preparing breakfast sandwiches, coffee, tea, hot dogs, Polish dogs, and 2 different types of Tornadoes. I have to accomplish all this in 3 hours. I do it. It is busy and all just changed. 
We were under renovation and now have a FULL cafe. Complete with grill to prepare 21 different breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and pizzas. We are SOOOO busy it is insane.
I'm excited about it but feel overwhelmed at the same time. Saturday will be the first day I have to do it ALL by myself. So far there has been 2 of us in the cafe. SO...If you think of me, send positive thoughts and prayers.
Thanks so much!
Funny, Tamara had no idea what I've been doing when she submitted these words and Karen assigns them randomly. Guess it was divine intervention that I received these words at this time. 
Your words are:
Donut ~ subway ~ munch ~ brain ~ baking ~ thunderstruck
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Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

At the end of this post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them. 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Triple Treat Brownies: Back to School and Off the Streets:Sept poetry

What do you need for back to school? Well, lots of school supplies, clothes or uniforms, lunch boxes or money for lunches, field trip permission slips, updated medical information and the list goes on.

What else? Treats! For after school, on those test days send a special something in their lunch box, except for those kids too cool to take a homemade lunch. LOL

But if you are like us, it is still to dang hot to bake using the oven. So how about using your slow cooker? What, use a slow cooker/crock pot? Oh yes you can! I promise. I did it.
I wanted something sweet so bad. I also could NOT justify using the oven when it was a freakin' 104 degrees outside! So I thought, hey! I've seen people post about baking bread in their slow cooker, why not cakes, bread, brownies??? Oh my! So I wanted to do all of the above but there were just not enough hours in the day. THEN I said "WAIT" I have 3 yes 3 slow cookers! SO, you guessed it. I broke out all 3 and did 3 recipes in one day. This is just one of those.

For LOTS of tips and details on slow cooker baking, you might want to read THIS post.

This post is also part of the monthly poetry group post. At the end of my post you will find links to everyone participating. Be sure to stop by!

Triple Treat Brownies (slow cooker baking)
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup baking cocoa
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup margarine
1/4 cup coconut oil
4 oz chopped chocolate
1 cup sugar
3 beaten eggs
1 cup nuts (optional)
1 cup chocolate chips
Melt the margarine, mix it with the coconut oil and eggs in a large bowl. Next stir in the sugar, next the baking cocoa. Then combine all the dry ingredients left and stir in gently. Fold in the chopped chocolate, chips and nuts. Pour into a greased/sprayed slow cooker that has been preheated. IF like me, you have already used the crock and it is hot, bake on low for 2 hours. If it is cold, turn on HIGH while you prepare the batter then turn on LOW. Bake for 3 hours, 2 1/2 covered and 1/2 hour uncovered.
 Because the brownies are gooey, if you turn it upside down right away, they will fall apart and you will have a mess. I did. LOL So you might allow it to cool, then slice with a plastic knife and use a silicon or non metal spatula to remove them.
SUPER moist and gooey.

Back To School and Off The Streets
Summer has ended
and I'm still alive
living in the hood
is not for a nice guy
School is starting
and my days are filled
with work, books and life skills
I keep my head down
and try to disappear
they follow me home
and threaten me still
I just want out
I want to live
a life that is not filled
with fear, dread and death
Will I make it out
I don't know
but I refuse to give up
and becomes one of the Gills
I will not kill
I will not steal
I will run and not grow weary
I will get out
maybe dead
maybe alive
but for now I hide
in school all day
and at home by night

Monday, September 12, 2016

Spicy Fried Chicken: Grandparents #BlogWithFriends

This month for Blog With Friends we chose Grandparents as our theme. Perfect I am one, ten times. But today is bitter sweet. Today would have been my Daddy's 70th birthday. Now as for my grandchildren, my Daddy only saw one of them in person.

 How did that happen you ask? Well, my oldest two kids are adopted and my Dad actually only met them when they were teens not grown with kids due to distance and his health. My from my biological kids, only LMSP was born before he passed.

 So, see today is bitter sweet in yet another way. My youngest son became a dad in February and I have yet to get my hands on this precious little girl. So I am happy and blessed to have 10 but really wishing I could see them all, love them and tell them all about my Daddy, their Granddaddy. He loved little kids, he loved to watch them play and make them laugh. LMSP loved her Granddaddy and she made him smile everyday when he saw her. This is one of my favorite photos, we were visiting him at the rehab center. This photo was less than six months before he passed away.
I grew up with one set of grandparents. My mom's parents. My Daddy's parents both passed away, his mom when he was 11 and his dad when I was 3. However, from all my understandings I was better off without his dad. The entire town will tell you what a mean hateful man he was. No one seems to remember his mom but his siblings of course sing her praises. His mom was a nurse and had cancer, she did not tell anyone and had no treatments. These things made an impact on who my dad became.

My mom's parents were simple country folks. I loved my granddaddy dearly and miss him to this day. Granddaddy was a gentle soul. I never heard him raise his voice, never saw him mad and never head him say anything negative, at all. He had ice blue eyes and snow white hair. He chewed tobacco, watched wrestling and loved Dolly Parton. Funny the things we remember. He also hated chicken. He grew up on a chicken farm and once he was grown and had his own farm he refused to eat a chicken again. After he passed my grandmother's health declined and her spirit as well. I have fond memories of her when I was little.

My kids grew up with my parents. Their father's parents lived over 9 hours away and he was estranged from them. 

I see photos online, Facebook mostly, of friends and their children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents enjoying the holidays, baking, cooking together or making projects. I'm envious sometimes. It is what I always wanted for myself and for my kids. It never happened. My mom does things with LMSP but she is the only grandchild close by. The rest live 3-28 hours away.

Family is very important to me. I miss the days of being little and going to my grandparents house for every special occasion. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and any reason to cook and eat together as a family. So in honor of those days I'm sharing a special recipe with you today.

My spicy fried chicken. My grandmother made WONDERFUL fried chicken and so does my mother. This one is something they wouldn't eat, due to the spice but I love it and my kids LOVE spicy as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Granddaddy would not eat chicken but Grandmama could fry up some delicious chicken. My Daddy LOVED fried chicken and so do my kids. THIS makes happy tummies!

Spicy Fried Chicken
I used Texas Pete to soak the chicken. Next:
Sprinkle with onion powder, chili powder, paprika, ground white pepper , ground black pepper and sea salt.
Coat in flour. Fry. That simple. Drain on paper towels and enjoy!

Be sure to pop over to see what everyone did. I am sure there are some great projects and recipes for you.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Beef Tips with Gravy and Sept SSS

I'm at working and in the process of opening the store, all of a sudden there's a knock at the door. I go and see who it is. There's a tall gangly nerdy looking guy. He claims my boss told him to start work this morning. However, I've heard nothing about it.

No WAY I'm letting this guy in. So I call my boss, I'm sure she's not going to be pleased considering it's 5 a.m. She answers and groggily tells me, yes sorry I forgot to tell you. He's kinda weird but not in a creepy unsafe way.

I'm thinking gee thanks, why couldn't he work with Michael. Oh well, I say a little prayer as I walk to the door, open it and quickly tell him I will NOT hesitate to tase his butt if he tries anything funny.

I set back to the task at hand, getting the store ready to open. He watches and ask me a ton of questions.

Through the week I've had to work with this guy for five days. He's okay, kinda slow on the uptake but a good worker, he really seems to want to do a good job.

At the end of the week, he's gone. Huh, weird. I ask and am told he was sent to a different store. Oh, okay and I continue on with what I have to do not really thinking much about it.
Weeks go by and one day a man comes in and ask to speak with me. He informs me that he is the CEO of our company and ask if he looks familiar. No but that voice. Then it hits me! He's the weird gangly dude I worked with for a week.

He begins to tell me what a great job I did and how nice I was to him. He says he is giving me $50,000 because he heard about my surgery and all my medial expenses! I am floored. Just floored. Then he tells me that he is also giving me a promotion and I will no longer be slaving away in the store but working hard in the district office. A big raise, promotion and money for my bills! Hallelujah!

WOW just like on TV and Uncover Boss.


I wake up. Crap! Oh well, I can dream can't I?

Beef Tips with Gravy
1 lb beef stew meat, diced
2 cups gravy
onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, ground pepper
french fries

I diced 1 lb of beef stew meat and sprinkled it with onion powder, garlic powder, ground pepper, paprika and saute in a few tablespoons of oil. Remove and place in a sauce pan with gravy. Cook on low for an hour. The meat will be tender and juicy. Bake fries in the oven and serve with a large salad. I like to put the meat and gravy on top of the fries. In the South we call that a "hot plate" and it is delicious. I did a short cut and used a jar of gravy instead of making my own. You can prepare your own gravy.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 11 brave bloggers (including myself) picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. Be sure to SCROLL DOWN.

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:

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