Monday, August 8, 2016

School Spirit - Crazy Hat Day and More #BlogWithFriends

Can you believe it's August already? This year has flown by and summer is quickly passing. However,  here in Eastern North Carolina, summer will be around for several more months. During this time of year, so many are getting their kids ready to return to school. Oh how well I remember those days. The supply list, new school clothes, shoes, back packs, lunch boxes and open house. As a former home-school mom I did not have to comply with a list forced on me by the school system or buy tissues for the entire classroom. I did buy supplies but they were few. My expense came in the form of curriculum, books, sports fees, music lessons and science equipment.
During the year a lot of school have what's referred to as "Spirit Week", this normally happens about half way through the year. I think they do it to keep moral up, encourage the students and allow them to let off steam at school in a productive manner.
As a home-school, we did the same, but in a different manner. On cloudy days, we would grab a book, blankets and hit the couch or watch documentaries on a subject that interested them. We would do "Spirit" days. No a week but random days. When I was feeling burnt out I would declare a day of silliness. This helped all of us.
Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Hair Day, PJ Day, and on and on. AND yes, we would leave the house this way. I know we had some strange looks when out but who cares, I can guarantee you that my boys remember those days of mom being silly more than they do the Battle of 1812.
This is my son Jesse and his creative crazy hat day. He loved to dress up as a little kid and at almost 25 still does. I joked about this photo and his inner Elton John coming out. Not something his Dad appreciated.He is creative, artistic, loving and funny! Love you Jesse!

What do you do with your kids to keep them motivated during the school year? Leave notes in their lunch box, take them out for ice cream when they've had a hard day at school or a disappointment like not making the team?

A note in the lunch box, maybe pick them up early from school and hit the local ice cream parlor? A favorite dinner? I feel it's important to keep them motivated, encouraged and focused.

My grand daughter LMSP starts school in a few weeks, Kindergarten. Hard to believe it but it's true! I was going to do a post with her, but she's been on vacation and then at her mom's house. So I didn't have opportunity to do anything and haven't seen her. Oh well, maybe next time. I do hope I'll at least get a photo of her first day.

It seems like just yesterday her dad was starting school and now she is. Kindergarten is such a magical time. New friends, school, learning new things every day, growing, changing, babies no longer, finding who they are as people and dreaming of what to be when they grow up. What an exciting time!

I'm excited to see her "school spirit" come through as I watch her grow this first year of school.

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  1. I love all your strategies for keeping learning fun and for tuning into moods and knowing when it was time to take a crazy hat day or a couch day. Such fun memories.
    Hope I get a chance to see a pic of LMSP on her first day of school.

  2. I love the hat! And, as a homeschooling mother myself, I need to keep "Spirit Days" in mind. My kids would love it if I did something like that.

  3. Seriously my favorite week of the school year. Since working online, we managed to create an online spirit week, too! :)