Friday, August 19, 2016

Chicken Parm Patties: Fly On The Wall

Well with surgery done the road to recovery has been very difficult. The site got infected, for 10 days I had no food except liquid and I could not talk. No voice! Yeah W loved that but to be honest it was really beginning to worry me something fierce.
Update...the infection was NOT. It was actually an allergic reaction to the surgical glue and to the prep they did. Lovely. Still no voice, swollen and irritated but on the REAL road to recovery now. Finally

Prior to surgery I was cutting back on fat and calories, why, because I need to. So one night I made these delicious chicken parm patties! W says I can't call them burgers because that means "real" meat like beef. LOL but that's okay, Potato May enjoyed them with me. And I mean it, he wolfed down 3 before I finished one!
1 lb. ground chicken
1/2 cup parm cheese
1 beaten egg
2 TBSP melted coconut oil
salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, parsley, garlic and onion powder 1 tsp each
1 slice stale bread
1/3 cup chicken broth or water
Smush it all together and form patties. I placed mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes, then rubbed the outside with coconut oil and placed the patties on my indoor George Foreman grill. Chicken will cook quickly and dry out if you are not careful. So lightly brown the patties, shut off the grill and allow to sit. Maybe a total time of 8 minutes. 
Serve on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, marinara or whatever you choose.
Potato May topped his with ranch and crushed Dorito's. Don't ask. Jesse put mayo only on his. Both boys thought they were great and very moist. I loved them and will do this again. Of course W had a bacon cheese burger and wrinkled his nose at our "patties".

This photo expresses my frustration over the last several months.

Five days after surgery I'm at my mom's. She is telling me about ants she found IN her microwave. "IN it. I had no idea they could get in it but I guess they could cause that's where I found them. Running all around. You know I cut that thing on HIGH and it didn't kill them?!" My mom can be so funny at times.

Next mom is telling me about the mice, well "Rats! Because I tried every mouse trap they sell and nothing worked. So I went on over to Tractor Supply and bought me one of those big rat traps. Those puny things I was getting at Wal-Mart were not working. I think they ate the bait and used the trap as a trampoline." Oh my gosh! Here I was in pain and trying not to laugh, but with her severe Southern Draw and this commentary it was hard not to bust a gut.

Listening to the radio at work and the dj ask people to call in with something funny from the week.

First caller, a lady says her two year old used a tube the of icy hot instead of chap stick all over her lips and inside her mouth. They are cracking up and I'm thinking aw that poor baby.

RN administering my meds before surgery explains that this med will soften up the small tissue which will help with the type of surgery you're having. She explains that she's diluting it with the iv fluid because it causes a warm tingly effect in the lower crotch region and will make you hyper if not diluted. Not a way that go into surgery. She said little old men love this stuff. I cracked up.

After surgery I could not talk. Wade smiles and said so how long will this last doc ? I kicked him. Doc laughed and said not long enough. You'll pay later.

That's okay. After me texting my him everything I needed to say in a few hours he was wishing I could talk. Heehee

After leaving the surgery center we stopped at WM for my prescription. At the drive through the pharmacist tells Wade the total. He said "WHOA that's highway robbery" and laughs. The lady gets all in a tizzy and is "well sir this is very reasonable " blah blah blah
He says, "ma'am I was joking just trying to lighten your mood. Smile have a nice day. Thank you" and we left.
She was not amused. I swear I heard her say ass as we drove off.
At my mom's LMSP looks at the Beta fish and said "WHOA GRAMMA he's grown!" Yes he has and he's pretty too. "NO Gramma, boys are NOT pretty, he's sexy" Oh Mylanta! And she's only going into Kindergarten!
Here is LMSP above, "reading" a Harley Quinn comic on a road trip. She is very intent as you can tell.

I cain't wait to go to skool! LMSP
Me: you can't?
LMSP: Nope
me: Why?
LMSP: There'll be LOTS of keds to play with.
Me: oh you poor deceived thing, you think you're going to play. LOL
Misspelling on purpose, because it is how my little hay seed talks!

Reading Karen's post on Monday and her sharing the boys special cooking skills. I remembered I had forgotten to tell you all that ALL the recipes I make, Potato May dumps crushed spicy Doritos on top of or in. On all his sandwiches, his burgers, in rice, on top of spaghetti, it doesn't matter. The kid is obsessed with Doritos.

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  1. Awh - as they say laughter is the best medicine! I would have joked with the pharmacist too - some people are way too uptight! That recipe looks delish! LMSP and her boy's description was funny. They grow up fast, huh?!

    1. The Pharmacist is a real poop. She rarely smiles. Miserable lady.
      LMSP is growing up WAY too fast.

  2. That school better be forewarned, LMSP is on her way and they'll never be the same again!

    1. My son is taking her the first day. I told him, warn the teacher,he laughed.

  3. My niece is 5 and she has a little boy who follows her around school calling her sexy Lexi. I honestly thought I had more years before they became aware of this stuff. I'm terrified of what my little miss is going to start coming home saying.

    Your story of the IV reminds me of my sister. She had to be injected with barium while having a CT scan recently and one of the side effects of that is it makes you feel like you're peeing your pants. She was warned about it but she was still convinced it wasn't the solution and that she'd really had an accident in the procedure room. I nearly busted a gut hearing both of these stories.

    I hope your recovery speeds along now that they've finally figured out what is going on.

  4. I had been reading your face book posts and so glad that your surgery is behind you and you got your laughs back!!

  5. I hope you are recovering quickly and getting lots of help around the house. The chicken Parm patties look yummy!

  6. OMG on so many levels! I hope the crotch region heals well and well, your voice too because you really need to vocalize ;-) Had a close call myself but thankfully all is well so no need to have old men chasing me for whatever it is they apply down "there" ;) Get better soon and get that voice out!