Friday, May 20, 2016

Cookie Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting AND FOTW May

It's that time... Fly On The Wall. Yep, you get a peek into my life, home and activities. Plus if you scroll down you can peek into the lives of my blogging friends who are participating in this.
Let's start.....

Well my friend found my blog. I guess my hinting and commenting that he had not read any of it got to him. AND what post was up when he found it?? Yep, Fly On The Wall. Oh dear. My own fault. He said "WHY would you write about THAT??" I said, "why not it was funny." He shakes his head and walks off. Hmm 
may be the last time he reads it.

Look at these babies! Cookies! Cupcakes! Chocolate oh my!

Super Easy Recipe!
1 pkg M&M Chocolate Chip cookies
1 yellow cake mix, butter
1 container of buttercream frosting
ingredients for the cake mix
cupcake liners
baking spray
muffin tin, 12
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Place the liners in the muffin tin, spray with baking spray (yes the liners) and drop a cookie in the bottom. Now take the remaining cookies and crush by hand or with a food processor. Prepare you cake mix according to the directions. Next add the crushed cookies. Now pour over the cookie. Bake for the time listed on the box for cupcakes. Allow to cool and frost.
YES I used "prepackaged" ingredients because I was in the mood for sweets and just didn't feel like baking cookies for the cupcakes first, so I used a mix as well. Lazy I know but they were REALLY good!

WOOT WOOT Potato May brought up his grades! His progress report last time was 53, 84, 78, 90. This time it is 84, 88, 85, 97. That's right! He CAN do this, he's just lazy. Sorry kid if you're reading this, you know it's true.

Last month Karen shared that she was almost in an accident due to trying to take a photo of a lady driving and brushing her teeth. Well, the very day that I read that, I had brushed my teeth while driving on the way to work. I know, it's crazy, the first time I've ever done that but it was easy and not distracting. This is what I used...
LMSP Little Miss Sassy Pants aka my grand daughter seems to think she is part spider these days. My DIL sends me this photo and says "I do not see this ending well."
My daughter in law posted on FB:
LMSP: What are you making?
DIL: Daddy's lunch!
LMSP: Why? Can't HE make it?
DIL: well yes, BUT, I love him, so I prepare it for him. Just like I make your food, cause I love you!
LMSP: (very matter-of-fact) Um, that's different cause I can't cook! (hand on hips)
LMSP is growing up fast. She has 2 bottom permanent teeth and now she is missing two top teeth!
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This is what Potato May does in class. His explanation is: he doesn't need the class to graduate, he's the smartest one in the class to include the teacher and he was bored. sigh...
Potato May is graduating in June and has been working on several senior projects. With all the school work, it has increased his appetite. Yes my cupboards are bare.
I was visiting my uncle and his speech therapist came by, she worked with him for over an hour. He was so funny. My aunt and I sat in the living room while they sat in the dining room. He would say words and we had to repeat what he said. During the therapy time he got frustrated and if my aunt said a word that was not correct he would stick his tongue out at her, she could not see him but I could. I was laughing.
When I went to leave he said " Dawn needs to leave cause since she got here I've been hot" I started laughing , my aunt said "REALLY?! So do you want me to leave and her to stay?" He looked at her funny and said "No you stay, she can go". We were all laughing.
Back story, my uncle (they have been married 5 years together 15) said to me MANY times, if I met you first and was 20 years younger...
He's not my type. LOL but I do love the man and we've had many good laughs.

Potato May comes in the room and says "isn't this cute. I'm reading a book and the little girl calls it "hot spice" but I'm not sure what it is. When the nurse goes to see the dying. I said "You mean, hospice?" He says "yeah, that's it. I like Hot Spice better," walks back out.

Mother's Day I'm at my moms and LMSP says,
"Let me put on my Doc McStuffin coat and then you tell me what hurts so I can give you a eye pill"
I said "a what?"
She says , "an eye pill, you know I stick a needle in your arm and you are all better."
I said "a shot?"
My DIL says "she means an IV"

ROTFL Oh okay!
LMSP eye rolling says, " I gave Daddy one earlier and it fixed his brain"
I said, "Girl if you can fix the male brain with an IV you will be rich!"
She says "huh?"
We all laugh, well, except my son and he says "Oh  ha ha funny ladies."
I smiled and said "Thank you."

LMSP goes into the bedroom and comes out, hands behind her back snickering. I said "whatcha doing?" she smiles, "I got you this. She hands me some gold plastic beads and a sea shell. I said, "oh thank you, did you go to the beach?" She looks at me, shakes her head and said "NO I was in the BED ROOOM Silly". Good grief! This child.
Then very sweetly she whispers, "I'm a kid, got no money or job, so I got these from the room to give you for Mother's Day." OMGosh...okay after that I can deal with her sarcasm!

I had just finished dinner and W was asking about food. I needed to heat up the veggies and then we'd eat. The exchange went like this:
Me:As soon as the peas and corn heat up we'll eat.
W:WTF ? As soon as he pees in the floor and heats up we'll eat.
Me: WHAT? NO NO as soon as the PEAS AND CORN heat up we'll eat.
W: OH, good cause the other WAS NOT appealing.
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  1. If LMSP could fix brains with her IV, you know I'd be in line. That girl is a hoot.
    And that cupcake looks amazing. Nothing wrong with taking short cuts now and then.

    1. I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff but she is a hoot for sure.
      I've been taking a lot of short cuts lately. I blame it on work.

  2. Great dish. Hope you'll bring it over to Food on Friday over at Carole's Chatter. Cheers

  3. That cupcake looked good enough to take a bit on line! Most men don't get blogging - I hide my page as soon as I hear him walking close to my office!

    1. They were delicious and gone in a flash. I have tried to share with him, because it's something I love and get excited about. He just looks at me all weird. Guess I'll keep it to myself.

  4. I'm signing up for LMSP's IV for Hubs. I've got time, I can wait till she figures it out. As far as blogging goes, mine has never read it. Never will.

    1. I'm waiting as well!! Especially as a mom of boys grown or not.
      Well, W read it once, probably never again but Potato May sends his friends to the link when I mention him. Ego!

  5. I love it when conversations are misheard, they're always good for a laugh. If your granddaughter really has figured out how to fix male brains with just an IV I'm all for it.

    1. I told her to remember that IV idea when she's older and in college.

  6. Those cupcakes sound perfect!!

  7. I kind of like the alien chicken dancing on pizza, tbh. LOL