Wednesday, April 13, 2016

There Once Was A Poet

Welcome to another poetry group posting. There are a few of us brave souls who are in love with writing. Each month we choose a topic and write a poem, this month is National Poetry month. At the end of this post you'll find links to everyone else.

But before we get to the writing, how about a drink first? Yeah, I could use one at the end of a long week, hard day or lately just about any day because they've all be so emotion filled.

Mango Mojito
A tall glass
about a cup of ice
3/4 cup mango nectar/juice
1/3 cup green tea
splash of lime juice
a mint leaf
shot of white rum
Muddle or squish the lime and mint in the glass. Dump ice on top. Now pour in your rum, mango and tea. Stir well and ENJOY! I did.
There once was a poet
however, she didn't know it
For deep within her soul
lied the grounds to make her whole
She had lived a lie
she fought and died
Now she emerges
from the ashes and the stones
She walks in beauty and grace
with a smile on her face
She writes her feelings down
and sometimes feels like a clown
But she try as she may
she knows things will never be the same
and she is okay
She wants beauty and fame
to be a poet and writer the same
And she tries each month
however in vain
she is no poet
and she knows it

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  1. If a poet speaks from the soul, I think she's more of a poet than she knows.

  2. Hey now. You are a poet and you know it. ;) Have a little faith in the process, woman!

  3. Great post, thanks so much for the share


  4. Everyone is a poet. If you have feelings and you can rhyme-you're a poet. This poem right here proved it.

  5. You just proved what a poet you are with this. ;-)